What are the Dissertation Writing Services

Dissertation writing services are very popular among students, especially in the United Kingdom. The reason is simple: many students go to the UK for jobs and they get study visa to enter into the UK as a students. However, they do part time jobs to continue their academic studies and as a result don’t have much time to conduct researches and writing their academic papers on their own. So, they prefer to hire the academic freelance writers and to do this, they search for the “dissertation writing services” online. This is where a new million dollar industry of contract cheating or essay mills has emerged.
When you search the keywords “dissertation writing services” you get millions of different results depending on the search engine, your location, and your search history cookies. However, since in this article we are focusing the Google UK search results, so google.co.uk returns about 86,300,000 results for the “dissertation writing services” keyword. Along with these results there are some search queries that can help people to have some more knowledge about their search interest such as “Are dissertation writing services legal?”, “Can I pay someone to write my dissertation?”, “How much does it cost to write a dissertation?”, and “Is using a dissertation writing service cheating?”. This article will attempt to answer all these queries from a journalist point of view, not as answered by the dissertation writing business companies that attempt to misguide specifically the students by publishing fabricated claims just to rank high in Google SERP and get website traffic.
The second motivation for writing this report on the dissertation writing services is to highlight the process of this flourishing business and how the owners of these businesses are making millions of dollars by cheating the academic institutions of the United Kingdom.

Are dissertation writing services legal

Who are using the dissertation writing services?

The easy target of the cheap dissertation writing services is the students mostly from the developing countries who find a way for their bright future on the student visa to enter any European country such as Australia, UK and the United States of America. Since the academic institutions have extensive reading, researching and writing tasks that require a student to spend all of his/her time on the studies, students doing part time job cannot complete these academic tasks and have to look for help from the dissertation and essay writing services and submit the work done by these as their own. This way, they have to spend a few pounds or dollars and they earn more than that amount from their part time jobs. As the demand for writing these dissertations and assignments is growing every day, it has created huge earning opportunities for the freelance academic writers to work from home doing the assignments for students.

How much does it cost to write a dissertation?

While selecting the best or the cheap dissertation writing services, students have to make a blind choice as they don’t know if the service they are hiring is legit or not. Even they are not sure if it is really located in the UK or being operated from Asian, African country as 90% of the dissertation writing services are being operated from these countries. However, all these websites claim they are the UK based dissertation writing services having PhD UK writers. The fact is that mostly the academic freelance writers working with these are from India, Pakistan, Bangladeshi and Kenyan where currency value is very low as compared to the US dollar and British Pound. Normally these writers get under 6$ per page. So, if they write a 40 pages (10000 words dissertation) they get 240$ from one dissertation which is a handsome amount for any unemployed person. That is why, many people from these countries have even left their regular job to become a freelance writer and earn money working from home.

The price of dissertation is calculated based on the number of pages and the days within which it has to be completed. For example, a dissertation writing service may charge 12 British pounds per page if a student has more than a month deadline. So for a 40 pages dissertation it will cost around 480 to 500 British Pounds. The dissertation writing service will pay 240$ to the freelance writer and rest goes to the owner’s pocket. In the peak season, any website on top of the Google search results may get 100 dissertation and other assignment orders daily that means the owner will get 50,000 British Pounds daily and will pay to his freelance writers 24000$. So, after deducting the office and marketing team costs he may save 30,000$ daily. This is the huge amount even no native British or US citizen can earn. When converted into the local currency, an Indian will get ₹2329650.00,  Pakistani dissertation writing business owner will get PKR 5940000.00 and a Kenyan would save 3493500 Kenyan Shilling that would lead him lead a really king like life. Isn’t mind-blowing amount? And it is earned with just a website!. All you need to do is create a stunning website, do white hat or black hat marketing of it to get on top of the search engines and the money will start pouring into your pocket. Believe me, all the websites on top of the Google are being operated from India, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Kenya and Pakistan where it is not illegal to do this business. So, if you are a UK student and looking for dissertation writing services near me, accept this reality that you are in fact dealing with a non-UK business and if you happen to get copy paste work or fail in your dissertation or assignment there is no way you can get your money back or trace the original location of the dissertation services you hired. In fact, all the dissertation writing services reviews are false and posted by their marketing team with fake accounts.
The earning potential for the business owners of these dissertation writing services is even higher. Truly, it has become a million dollar business and many people who started this business have become millionaire within a short time and living a king like life. They earn money more than a mill or factory owner who spends millions on establishing a factory and hiring hundred a workers while an owner of the dissertation writing services is earning more with just a laptop and a website.

How much does it cost to write a dissertation

Is using a dissertation writing service cheating?

Certainly, using dissertation writing service is cheating if you submit the dissertation or any assignment written by someone else as your own. Your tutor is expecting from you to learn the research and writing skills and demonstrate these skills on a given assignment or dissertation. However, when you hire someone to write your paper and pretend it was written by you, it is cheating. Moreover, if you happen to read the disclaimer of these dissertation writing services, they clearly mention that “You may download or copy one copy of the report you have purchased only for your own personal use for academic study purposes only, however, you may not submit this document under your own name for academic assessment”. So what does this mean? Of course, you don’t need to pay £12 or ever higher per page if you cannot submit the report as your own and if you do you are cheating both the company and the tutor.
It is also important to note that these services manipulate search results by using rigorous marketing techniques and publish reports showing the dissertation writing services are legal. However, a keen review of such reports shows that the website itself is the part of these services where such claims are published. The reality is that if you hire dissertation writing services to write your dissertation and submit to your university it is an academic misconduct. The only help you may get outside is the guidance and review support from an expert dissertation coach to ask him/her edit and proofread your dissertation. Still, the writing of dissertation must be your own.

Are academic writing services legal?

Are you concerned about “is it okay to pay someone to write an essay” or “is getting someone to write your essay illegal?” Well, if the dissertation writing services were really located in the United Kingdom, certainly the dissertation writing services would be considered illegal as the UK government is planning to ban these services. However, as mentioned above, most of the dissertation writing services are located outside of the UK where such services operate freely just because no one is able to file any law suit in that country and unless there is a complaint against them no local authority has any interest to take action against them. In the United Kingdom only getting help in editing and proofreading is allowed and there are some steps the UK government taking to ban the dissertation writing services. So, it is obvious that having someone write an essay or dissertation is illegal

Can you get caught using essay writing service?

Every UK academic institution just like in other part of the world use Turnitin to scan the essays and dissertation. Turnitin has the capability to detect the similarity of the work with the academic papers submitted by others. However, it is some limitations. Turnitin has its own databases to match the similarity and it is not necessary it will show the exact match with already written and submitted dissertation. The expert and professional dissertation writers mostly use the online libraries, especially the Proquest dissertation repository to find already written dissertations and theses on the same topic. They download the dissertation, edit and modify a little and upload to the Turnitin. If that dissertation has not been indexed by the Google or Turnitin, it will not show any similarity and the dissertation writer would send you the same just by modifying little things. So, chances are that you may not get caught using essay writing service if your tutor just relies on the turnitin report. However, tutors already know your writing skills and may suspect if you submit a high quality PhD level dissertation and you have failed in smaller assignments before.


Dissertation writing services business is on the rise due to the laziness of students who don’t want to spend time on their research and writing and will continue to flourish until any effective laws are not implemented. Since the dissertation writing services are operating in India and other Asian and African countries it is hard to prosecute them even if the dissertation writing services are banned in the UK, Australia and the USA.
Secondly, seeing the profit and extremely high earning potential, everyday new websites are launched that claim to be the UK dissertation writing services. In the beginning of this business, these services were just focusing on the UK students. However, now the dissertation writing services in Australia and the USA are also becoming very popular. Due to the corporate culture, students prefer to outsource the essay and assignment writing services to save their time and this business will continue to flourish in the coming years as it has truly become a million dollar business.


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