Dua Zahra case Background

For a few months, the people of Pakistan, especially in Punjab and Sindh, have been hooked on the mysterious case of a Karachi girl, Dua Zahra. The situation began from a simple kidnapping case reported earlier, and now is on the Media, both electronic and digital, with a great deal of mess. The courts spanning two provinces, Punjab and Sindh, have fuelled a great public interest and television news. A timeline has been presented recording all that has yet come to light.

Dua Zahra Reported Missing: April 16

According to the statement given by Syed Mehdi Ali Kazmi, the father of Dua Zahra, in the afternoon of the 16th of April, at around 12:30, Dua Zahra went out of the house to throw trash. Initially, when the seventh-grader did not return, the parents thought that she must have gone to the house of her grandmother which is located just across the street. At around 1 PM, the father went to her grandmother’s to bring the girl back home, but he was informed that the girl had not come there at all. The troubled parents looked around the neighborhood but the girl was nowhere to be found. They asked the laborers drilling a hole outside the house about the girl, but they informed that they had not seen a girl.

Syed Mehdi Ali Kazmi went to the nearest police station and reported that the girl was missing at about 5 PM. However, the police were involved in a political rally and they could not respond until 2 AM. The CCTVs were checked in and around the neighborhood but to no avail.

dua zahra case age

Dua Zahra Search Activity: April 20 and April 23 and April 25

Karachi Police Chief Ghulam Nabi Memoon immediately constituted three search teams. Murad Ali Shah, Sindh Minister, also took notice of the situation after great public outrage. The police further requested technological help from Intelligence Agencies.

On April 25, the Sindh Chief Minister reported that the whereabouts of Dua Zahra has been located by the investigators. However, the details were not revealed to the public for the privacy of the Kazmi family.

Dua found willingly married: April 25

On the same day, a police report emerges that Dua is willingly married and not involved in any sort of kidnapping case. They stated that Dua is married to Zahir Ahmad in Lahore of her own accord. A video emerges on the Media with Dua claiming that she is 18 years old, in contrast with her father’s statement that she is a minor and 14 years old. She further claims that she traveled from Karachi to Lahore to marry Zahir Ahmad.

Soon, however, the events took a drastic change. In a press conference, the parents claimed that their daughter is not 18. They revealed that they have been married for about 18 years, and there is no chance for their daughter to be 18 years old.

dua zehra husband

Dua Presented Before Lahore Judicial Magistrate: April 26

On account of the events, Dua was presented before the Judicial Magistrate of Lahore on April 26. The police requested that the girl should be put into a Dar-ul-Iman until the situation is resolved. However, Dua stated firmly that she had willingly married Zahir Ahmad. In the end, the court let her go with Zahir Ahmad.

In a short twist of events, Zahir Ahmad and Dua Zahra were found from Okara and handed to the Lahore Police.

The situation took a turtle turn when Dua Zahra filed a case against her father and her cousin, Zain Aibdeen of storming into the house and verbally accusing her and her husband.

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Challan against Four Suspects Including Zahir: May 7

The Karachi Police files a temporary Challan against four suspects including Zahir and three others who were present at the time of the Marriage. They were charged with abduction, rape, and forced marriage.

Syed Mehdi Ali Kazmi moved to Sindh High Court: on May 8

The situation became ground-taking when Syed Mehdi Ali Kazmi moved to the Sindh High Court claiming that his daughter was a minor and should be handed back to the parents. Further, he asked the corresponding High Court to carry out a medical test to determine the age of their daughter. He filed a petition seeking an end to the marriage.

dua zahra age report by her parents

Dua Zahra and Zahir Ahmad recovered from Bahawal Nagar: on June 5

After a hard time, the Lahore police recovered Dua Zahra and Zahir Ahmad from Bahawal Nagar and handed them to the Sindh Police. The Sindh Police then brought the couple to the Sindh High Court in Karachi for trial.

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Dua Zahra in Trial: June 6

Dua Zahra and Zahir Ahmad were presented in front of the court, and in contrast with all the pieces of evidence, Dua maintained that she was 18 and married Zahir willingly. She refused to talk to her parents when they stated that they wanted to talk to her for ten minutes.

Dua to Decide her Fate: June 8

In the final hearing of the case, Sindh High Court announced that the girl is free to decide her fate. They further said that the case was not a kidnapping case at all.

Syed Kazmi in Supreme Court: June 18

Syed Mehdi Ali Khan rejected the court’s verdict and approached the Supreme Court to take Dua into his custody.

Determination of Age: July 4

After a mishap of events in which Syed Kazmi withdraws his petition from the Supreme Court, a 10-members medical board was organized to determine the age of the girl. Dua’s fate was to be sorted out, and the medical report of bone density emerged on the surface in which it was clearly stated that Dua was between 15-16. The verdict of Syed Kazmi was proven right.

The father is currently demanding her daughter back not accepting the marriage and claiming that his daughter has been kidnapped. On the other hand, Dua Zahra is maintaining her will to go with Zahir Ahmad to Lahore on her own will and marry him.

Petition of Syed Kazmi: July 5

Syed Kazmi filed a petition to the court that Dua must be returned to him out of her husband’s custody. He urges that Dua must not be allowed to go out of the country and that if any sexual harassment is proved, Zahir Ahmad must be arrested

The latest updates on Dua Zahra case show that Zahir Ahmed has obtained pre-arrest bail fearing he would be arrested if the marriage is declared null.