In the wake of the devastating train accident involving the Hazara Express, officials are set to conduct a comprehensive site inspection today in Nawabshah, district Sanghar. This tragic incident resulted in the loss of over 30 lives, with an additional 130 passengers sustaining injuries.

The unfortunate event transpired on Sunday when the Hazara Express on route to Havelian saw 10 of its carriages derail close to the Sahara Railway Station in Nawabshah, approximately 275 kilometres from Karachi.

Rail services on the affected track have been suspended since the accident, leading to operational disruptions. The alternate track was re-opened almost 18 hours post-accident, albeit with significant delays at various stations. Restoration of the damaged track is ongoing, with railway officials indicating it could be several hours before full functionality is resumed.

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Ali Mohammad Afridi, the Federal Railways Inspector, commented that repair works on the 300-400 kilometres of impacted track are advancing. He highlighted that an intensive review of the track, rolling stock, and various technical components, including the visible markings from nut bolts and wheel flanges, is in progress.

Patients rushed to the Peoples Medical Hospital in Nawabshah numbered over 120. Thankfully, the majority have been treated and released, though 30 individuals remain hospitalized. Tragically, while 29 of the deceased have been claimed by their families, two women remain unidentified.

The aftermath of the accident revealed heart-wrenching scenes of capsized carriages and victims trapped under the debris. Commendably, local residents of Sanghar and Nawabshah sprang into action, initiating rescue efforts even before official teams arrived on the scene. Their swift actions undoubtedly saved numerous lives by ensuring injured passengers received timely medical attention.

The precise cause behind this distressing train accident remains elusive. However, the authorities have committed to an exhaustive investigation, vowing to shed light on the factors leading to this lamentable event.