The suicide of Susheel Gowda has shocked the industry. Just a few weeks ago, we heard the news about the suicide of famous TV and Film actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Well, there have been many actors and actresses who committed suicide in the past. The rate of suicide among the film and drama stars is high in this era where the life of stars is influenced by the public both at national and at the international level.

The talented and famous people of our society commit suicide mostly due to the lack of tolerance in public. It is also due to the image that the public creates and wants their favorite star to fit in it. The shortness of honor, dignity, and privacy is the leading cause next to the lack of tolerance in public. Whether it is the daily life of film and drama stars or it is the fantasy life of these talented actors and actresses, they are bound to be criticized in the media and also among a group of people.

susheel-gowda with his mother
Susheel Gowda is a Kannada-speaking actor and fitness trainer. He is over 30 years of age. The exact biography of Gowda is still not known.
He has acted in a romantic drama serial, “Anthapura” and this is one and the only serial of his acting career. He was trying his best in the entertainment industry of Kannada. In the upcoming Kannada film Salaga, he has played the role of a cop. The leading actor in this film is Duniya Vijay. He is also a fitness trainer and an emerging model. So, we can conclude that Susheel Gowda is not much known in the entertainment industry of India.

He was found dead in his hometown, Mandya, Karnataka. According to the reports, the cause of his death was suicide. The reason for the suicide is still not known.
His death has left his family members, friends, co-workers, and fitness students in a huge shock. Many of his industry workers have shown their grief on the death of this upcoming actor. His co-actress in Anthapura, Amita Ranganath has shown her deep sorrow over the suicide news. She said, “RIP Susheel Gowda! I woke up to this news and it literally left me in a state of shock! U were kind-hearted and a good soul! Ur memories while shooting Anthapura will always be cherished.”
Aravind Kaushik, the Director of Anthapura shared a picture of him on the Facebook post and said, “Sad news I heard. Susheel Gowda who played the lead role in the TV serial Antahpura that I directed is no more. Rest in Peace.”
According to his Instagram followers, his last post was posted on the 29th of February, 2020. From that time, he hasn’t been updating about his life to his followers and fans.