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Franca Colozzo

COVID-19 Phase 2: a leap forward “Renaissance – Responsibility – Trust – Sustainability”

In northern Italy, data in hand, there are 49.4% more deaths than in the same period of March 2019 and also compared to the...
Dr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum

KASHMIR: Peace route of South Asia

Kashmir conflict has been recognised internationally in United Nations since 1947, by the agreement of most of the countries passed resolutions with majority of...
Franca Colozzo


In 2020 the world is facing a global outbreak of  Coronavirus emergency, unarmed and losers, we men are reeling in the ford of this...
ramadan mubarrak among corona epidemci

Ramadan and Corona Virus

After all this waiting time, the month of grace, bliss, bounties, and fasts, the month of Ramadan has arrived with all its charms like...
Coronavirus covid-19

Condition of Humans all around the world due to COVID-19

“In around 2020, a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments." (Sylvia...
coronavirus and the pregnant wormen

How far is the Coronavirus considered a reason to prevent pregnancy or abortion?

The spread of the Corona virus has sounded the alarm in all aspects of life, especially humanity. The nature of the spread of this...
Dr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum

European Muslims’ Address to The World Leaders On COVID-19

In the light of the recent and very disturbing events caused by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, we and the respective representatives of the Muslim...
Covid-19 prevention and cure

COVID-19: True Pandemic or Global Scene?

When I read some false and mystifying news, I would want to scream in front of the dead. Before publishing them, please check the...
Covid-19 prevention and cure

Stay home, Stay safe and Avoid COVID-19

Benefits of Stay Home - Stay Safe Whenever a virus attacks, it attacks with all its might. It attacks with all the potential it has....
Franca Colozzo

The Italian Way To Deal With Covid-19

Today, looking back, I wonder if there is an Italian way to fight against  Covid-19 or the Coronavirus, if our "virtuous" example was enough...

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