Famous people who died from CoronaVirus in 2020


The way people were living in this world was just normal before the arrival of CoronaVirus or the COVID-19. The origin of CoronaVirus is not yet known, but careful estimates are until now are going on. The humans thought of this virus as an unwelcome guest. They tried a lot to eliminate this virus from the home, the planet Earth. But, this virus was a little bit more stubborn than the previous viruses and has not yet left our home.

It is natural that we don’t greet people whom we don’t know; at least, when we don’t even know their origin. Same was the case with CoronaVirus. We didn’t know it, not its origin, not its likings and disliking, not where is the heart of this virus, not what is its weakness. In short, we know nothing about this virus. But, let’s make this clear that we didn’t even know all these things of the previous unwelcome guests (I mean, viruses). So, let’s hope that we will soon find the cause and the reason for this virus. May we succeed!!

CoronaVirus is a blind death. It can attack on anyone, at any place and at any time. It doesn’t care about the poverty and short-livings of a poor nor the status of a rich man. It keeps no difference between the powerless and the powerful of our society. That is the first reason that thousands of social, popular and floor breaking people are losing their lives. These are the very same people for whom once we wanted to give our lives.

Princess Maria Teresa Dies from CoronaVirus:

Spanish princess Maria Teresa dies from coronavirus
Spanish princess Maria Teresa dies from coronavirus (courtesy: dawn news)

Maria Teresa is the cousin of the king of Spain, Flip 6. She is one of the first people who were tested positive with CoronaVirus. Princess Maria Teresa is related to the royal family Bourbon-Parma. Maria was born on 28 July, 1933 in Paris. She obtained the degree of doctorate in Hispanic studies from Paris Bourbon University. Besides, she also obtained another doctorate in political sociology from the Complutense University of Madrid.  For the social work all around the world for the benefits of humans, she also obtained the marvelous title of Red Princess. Princess liked to spend her time with the younger generation. For this purpose, she also taught sociology regularly in many popular universities of the world.

At this point, we should make it clear that Princess Teresa died from CoronaVirus at time when the King Flip of Spain was tested negative from CoronaVirus.

Princess Maria Teresa of Spain was an important person of the Cadet Branch of Spain Royal Family.

For your information, according to the royal rules, Cadet Branch is developed when it is expected to give someone place of land and awards; expect that the fact also says that these people who are awarded from Cadet Branch are not expected to be king or queen. The last rituals of Princess Red were performed in Madrid, a city in Spain. In these rituals, only three or four people from the royal family were present. (What an awful death!)

For the increase in your knowledge, Spain is second in the world after Italy to be attacked with COVID-19. Here, almost 6000 deaths and more than 70 thousands cases have been reported.

Playwright Terrence McNally dies of coronavirus

Terrence McNally is the most famous play writer and author of many books. He has also been awarded as the most effective screen writer in American Theatre. Because of his writings, McNally is thought to be an integral part in the Hollywood Industry. McNally has amused not only American audiences but also international audiences through his amazing and heart-taking dialogues for almost 56 years. He won 4 Tony Awards, 1 Amy Award, 2 Guggenheim Fellowship awards. This list is no longer possible to describe the awards he won during his career. His written movies and dramas are watched all around the world with great pleasure. Kiss of the Spider-Woman and Ragtime are his most celebrated movies which touch the hearts of all the people. However, this popular person of Hollywood passed out of this world on 24 March, 2020. He died at the age of 81 after being tested positive from COVID-19.

Azim Khan

The one of the best squash players in the world and the winner of British Open Titles (4 times) from 1956 to 1962, Azim Khan also died from CoronaVirus on 28 March, 2020. The older brother of Azim Khan, Hashim Khan is the first Pakistani to win British Open Title in 1951 and he took the responsibility of his younger brother after the death of his father. He took Azim Khan with him to London in 1953 where he motivated Azim to take part in professional competitions of Squash.

At the first time when Azim took part in competitions, he was lucky to make it to semi-finals. An interesting twist! In the semi-finals, he had to compete with Hashim where he had a difficult time and in the end, he lost the match after a tough competition. Afterwards, Azim regularly took part in national competitions with great force. In 1958, when Hashim was forced to give up on the national unit of Squash due to an injury, Azim took the decision of being the descendant of Hashim and won the championships. After this, he won British Open Championships regularly for 3 years. However, due to an injury in 1963, he wasn’t able to play Squash anymore. Azim took part in British Open for 7 times and is considered as one of the best Squash players all around the world. One of the most memorable moments during his career was when he defeated his brother in 1960 by 9-0, 9-0 and 9-1. After Azim Khan, his nephew and the best player of Squash Jahangir Khan walked on the pathway of his father, Hashim Khan and uncle, Azim Khan and broke all the records of the past.

Marino Quaresimin

Marino Quaresimin was born in the popular Political Family of Italy in 1937. He got politics in inheritance. This is the reason that after completing his education, he took part in politics and became an active person in the Italy People Party. Before joining politics, he served for the Trade Union.

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Marino Quaresimin was considered a very popular and active leader in the political circles. He was awarded the Italian Order of Merit Fifth Class as a Knight for his political and social works. He was also awarded the Italian Order of Merit Third Class as a Commander. Besides, he also served as a Mayor in the popular city of Venice in Italy. After being affected with COVID-19, Marino died at the age of 82 on 20 March, 2020.

As I have already told, Italy is the most affected country of the whole world.

There are many other people who died from COVID-19.

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