About Us

UK Newsline is the most reliable name in the online news industry which delivers news of economical, political, entertainment and other issues around the world. Since its creation in 2018, the company has been providing its visitors current news about politics, entertainment, science & technology, and the personal opinions of our contributors.
Founded by Niaz Shakir, the CEO of the company, it has been successful in bringing freelance contributors to the UK Newsline from across the globe who constantly send updates about what is happening in their vicinity and which is of some interest to our readers.

Mission and Vision of the Company

The UK Newsline strives to be a professional news agency by adhering to the strict journalists standards. As a new agency, the UK Newsline publishes only the news which is authentic, reliable and verifiable. Our vision through the news is to offer a positive journalism and the news sources that infuse in the society positive values and the promote the positive point of views.

Our Writers / Journalists

The UK Newsline relies mostly on the freelance journalists along with the journalists who are working with us since its creation. Our writers and journalists mainly come through the process of membership which is given to the most senior and qualified journalists. The other source of our news is through the contributors who send their contribution and after a strict scrutiny we publish only the material that is verifiable and authentic. If you are a journalist and want to join the UK Newsline, you may send your CV and interest through our contact us page or by emailing the details at [email protected]


In order to be a responsible news organization, we take editorial complaints seriously. We are committed to abiding by the journalist Standards and Editors’ Code of Practice. If you have any complaint about our any news or news section you may send your feedback on [email protected] .
You may also reach us through phone call or whatsapp at +92 300 5245166