During a flight in India, the pilot of the jet airways forgot to turn on a switch regulating cabin pressure due to which more than 30 passengers started bleeding from their noses and ears. The Jet Airways flight 9W 697 was going from Mumbai to Jaipur when this incident took place and the flight was turned back shortly after take off.

B737 aircraft
The passengers aboard started posting their videos of the incident on twitter showing oxygen masks deployed inside the aircraft. This Boeing 737, which was carrying 166 passengers, landed safely and the and the aviation ministry has announced that the cockpit crew had been taken off and the investigation into the incident has been initiated. According to a senior official of India’s aviation regulator Mr. Lalit Gupta, the crew had forgotten to select a switch to maintain cabin pressure.

All 166 passengers and 5 crew of the B737 aircraft landed normally in Mumbai and were given first aid who complained of ear pain, bleeding nose etc.
The airline said it was co-operating fully with the DGCA investigation.