History, Background and Stories of Video Scandals in Pakistan

video scandals and cyber crimes in pakistan

The video scandals issue has emerged as an alarming problem with the development of social media networks and the increasing use of smartphones. Almost everyone has a smartphone in hand which can record anything that comes in the way of the phone holder. The result of this unchecked and uncontrolled usage of smartphone as spying device has not only impacted the public privacy but also has become a major source of blackmailing. The recent example video recording for blackmailing purpose is that of the Chairman NAB Mr. Javed Iqbal whose conversation was secretly recorded by one lady visitor in his office and she used this recording to scandalize his position later.

Another video scandal that upset the judiciary was that of the former accountability judge Muhammad Arshad Malik who was suspended due to the video leak controversy and posted as an officer on special duty (OSD) at the Lahore Sessions Court. Mr. Arshad Malik was the Judge of the accountability court who had handed ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif seven years in jail in the Al Azizia Steel Mills corruption reference on December 4, 2018. However, he acquitted Mian Nawaz Sharif in another case related to Flagship Investments.

These high profile cases show how powerful the blackmailing mafia is and how these blackmailers prey on people’s dark hidden secrets and threaten to expose and publicize them. Very few of them sustain the pressure and most of them find no way but to act what these blackmailers ask them to.  

Rabi Pirzada video scandal

The most recent video scandal that has stirred the social media is the leaked pics and video of the pop singer Rabi Peerzada. Rabi peerzada is the most popular singer, host and actress in Pakistan. She was born on February 3, 1989 in Quetta. She started her career as a pop singer in 2004. Her very first song “Dahdi Kurree” was a hit in 2005. The other songs that received applaud were “Mujhe Ishq Hai”, “Jadoo”, and “Kisi Ke Ho Ke Raho”.

Rabi Peerzada latest pics

Apart from her career as a pop singer, she also hosted some TV shows and made frequent appearances on various Pakistani TV shows like Dunya News’s show Mazaaq Raat. She also appeared as an actress in the Lollywood fim “Shor Sharaba” in 2018 in the lead role alongside Meera.

Rabi Peerzada is reportedly married to ex-Army officer, Tariq Shah in 2010 but now now they are separated. She is the daughter of Humayun Peerzada, former army officer.

Sadly, with such outstanding performance, talent and family background, she got in trouble when her nude pics and leaked video went viral on social media. As soon as these pics and video uploaded on the social media, Rabi’s name trended on top at twitter and people started commenting on it. For many, Rabi was guilty of recording her own objectionable video but there were also people who supported Rabi that it was her private life and no body else has the right to spread her private video on the social media.

There are three versions of the Rabi video scandal: first, as she claimed and reported to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), she sent back the mobile to the company due to some issues in it and forgot to delete the video and pics that she had recorded herself for her husband. These pics and video were uploaded by the person who had access to Rabi’s mobile.

There are also speculations on who uploaded Rabi Peerzada’s video on social media and they claim that it was her ex-manager and that the videos were uploaded from Dubai. They support this claim by saying that since the videos went viral, the ex-manager has disappeared and no one is able to contact her.

The third version of Rabi video leakage claims that as she was trying to get visa of a European country and had problems in getting it she planned this incident herself so as to claim that she was in danger and threatened in Pakistan so she want to get asylum.

Whatever the truth is, she has petitioned the FIA to remove and block her pics and video from the social media.

Sohail Ayaz – global porn ring leader

sohail ayaz paedophile

During the Zainab rape and murder case, Dr. Shahid Masood, the television anchor of Pakistan, stressed that the rapist Imran Ali who raped and murdered Zainab in Kasur was an active member of the International pornography gang and. This revelation sparked concerns among civil society and people feared how they can protect their children from the criminals who rape children and post their rape videos on the dark web. However, the claims made by the anchor could not be proved in the court and he ultimately had to seek apology in written before the court.
Unfortunately, exactly after one year, another paedophile has been arrested in Rawalpindi, Pakistan who is believed to be the leader of the global porn ring and has uploaded the rape videos to the dark web. Just like Imran Ali, Sohail Ayaz was apprehended in a routine action on the report of teenager’s mother who reported the police that her son was kidnapped, drugged and raped for four days by Sohail Ayaz. On the report, the Rawat police registered an FIR and rounded up the culprit who confessed during the investigation that he had assaulted more than 30 kids and uploaded their assault videos to the dark web.

During investigation it was also revealed that Sohail Ayaz had already been sentenced four years of imprisonment in UK for sexually assaulting minors in the United Kingdom and was deported to Pakistan after his release from jail. He was also deported from Italy with the same charges and this raises concerns over the recruitment process in donor-funded projects.
Earlier, Sohail Ayaz was arrested by the UK police in 2009 under the charges of sexual assault against minors. The police recovered thousands of images of children being abused. He was jailed for four years being guilty to a series of sexual offences and after completing the sentence was deported to Pakistan.
During the conviction in the UK, Sohail Ayaz was also wanted in Italy under the charges of sexual assault and convicted there. He was also deported from Italy.
Sohail Ayaz is a chartered accountant by profession and he was hired as a consultant in Policy Project of planning and development department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He was drawing a salary of Rs300,000 with other benefits from the KP government since the past two years and according to a a senior police official Rai Mazhar, “He used to spend most of his salary on the equipment used to record the live-streaming of rapes. We have sent his laptop and equipment to the forensic lab for tests,”
The married life of Sohail Ayaz is miserable; his wife has left him years ago and he was living alone in Rawalpindi’s DHA Phase 8 area since his deportation from the UK.
Sohail Ayaz has been terminated from his job and the police is interrogating him keeping in view his past record and his link with the ‘dark web’ where he has circulated child porn images.


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