Nomal Rao Gained popularity on Social Media by a viral video

nomal rao and farooq shaad

It is a surprising fact that in many Rajput families in the Punjab province of Pakistan, selecting music as a profession is still prohibited and if one does so, he/she is expelled from the family. The living example of this is Farooq Shad of Lahore.

As a singer, Farooq Shad’s relationship with his brothers and other family members got worsened and worst of that, his father expelled him out of the house. Music was a prohibited topic in the family and Farooq Shad faced isolation at home due to his passion for music and singing.

Nomal Rao singing ay rahe haq ke shaheedo

Expelled from home and isolated from the family didn’t mitigate Farooq Shad’s love for music and he continued his practice of music even in the hardest times and there came the time when he became the father of a daughter, Nomal Rao. As Farooq Shad knew all the problems he had in his life due to his passion for singing, he didn’t want his daughter to face all these problems. That is why he never asked his daughter Nomal to sing.
But, he didn’t know that his daughter was born a singer.

One day, he heard Nomal singing in her room. That day, he thought to fulfill his daughter’s dream despite all the difficulties that he feared his daughter would face in this path. It was all because he knew well his own passion for singing and could realize the feelings and passion of his daughter during the few minutes of hearing Nomal singing alone.
I assume you all are guessing who Nomal Rao is. Let me tell you.

“Who is Nomal Rao”

The world came to know about Nomal through her very first song she sang in her school assembly “Ay Rah-e-Haq ke Shaheedo”. Her voice was so captivating that the listeners were just a statue at that time.

Until now, the video on the Face book Page of School has been viewed by 1 million people. Nomal is a student of A- Level.

She started singing when she was just three years old. The poster of famous musicians on the walls and a guitar on the study table of her room tells us how much passion she has for singing.

Nomal Rao Interviewing BBC

The voice of Nomal is not just captivating but it also takes us in the world where there is no noise and disturbance.

Usually, in life, when parents develop themselves in any industry, it is not difficult for their children to come in that industry and gain a name. However, despite the fact that her father is a famous Playback Singer of Pakistani film industry, Nomal Rao wants to gain popularity by her voice on her own.

“Music was forbidden in Father’s house”

The father of Nomal, Farooq Shad, have sung in more than 100 Pakistani Films. But, the pathway of becoming a Playback singer in first film from reciting Naats in School was so over-loaded with difficulties that no one can understand other than him alone.
That’s why, when he heard Nomal singing, he determined that he will not only encourage her talent but will also support her to fulfill the dream of becoming a famous singer in Pakistan.

Nomal’s father completed his matriculation and got a job in an insurance company. By his first pay, he bought a harmonium. Farooq told, “When I first bought a harmonium, my father broke it by throwing it on the ground. My father also refused to accept money from me. He beat me and I cried for many days.”

Farooq tells that he belongs to a Rajput family where music is forbidden. According to Farooq Shad, in 1980s during the reign of General Zia-ul-Haq, the Army Chief and President of Pakistan, music was not liked. During that reign, using musical instruments was forbidden and was considered to be against the honor of family.

He tells that this profession was not considered a respectful way of income.

Despite all this, Farooq Shad remained determined. He used to go to a church hiding from his parents and learned songs from his teacher.

“Father: The teacher of daughter”

Like every child, Nomal is also fond of singing rather than studying. According to Nomal’s father, whenever he passed by Nomal’s room, he used to stop to listen her song.
Our society, in which education is important to gain respect, Nomal also believes in this fact. She has plans to gain degree from National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore and then make a way forward to music.

Nomal Rao practicing with her Father Farooq Shad
Nomal Rao practicing with her Father Farooq Shad

By listening the combination of the voice of father and daughter, it is not much difficult to realize that Farooq is not less than a teacher for his daughter

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