Analysis on Imran – Trump Meeting at Davos by Iftikhar Chaudri

Pakistan PM Imran Khan with US President Donald Trump in Davos

President Donald Trump, who met Imran Khan in Davos on Tuesday, offered to mediate the Kashmir issue again and said the US is “watching and closely following” the situation between India and Pakistan. The meeting was held on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos in Switzerland.

Trump, CPEC and security
Trump, CPEC and security

Trump asked Imran Khan to role back CPEC and offered Pakistan some lusty/lucrative investments in the energy sector. He is interested to minimize the Chinese influence in the region, especially on Pakistan’s Economy. Pakistan diplomatically turned down the offer of Trump, as it looks a Trap.

Pakistan Economic Team is in Beijing right now. The Team is interacting with FATF and submitted a report (450 pages) to answer the 150 queries of FATF. USA is trying to Blackmail Pakistan on the FATF report, while India is continuously exerting pressure on the USA to Blacklist Pakistan which is still in Grey List. USA needs Pakistan to be in her fold as happened to be in the past. The primary reason is — to tame China and Russia in accordance to her whims.

US appreciates Pakistan's progress on FATF
US appreciates Pakistan’s progress on FATF

USA also wants to settle her scores with Iran to fulfill the longstanding desire of Israel. However, Pakistan has refused to provide air bases in Pakistan to conduct strikes on certain places in Iran after the retaliation of the later in Iraq in response to the killing of General Kaseim Suleimani.

It is the US and Israeli Policy that KSA/Arab World and Iran may not resolve their longstanding issues. Reportedly General Suleimani, who was in Iraq on the invitation of the Iraqi Government, has been doing back-door diplomacy to mend the differences between KSA and Iran.

Simultaneously, the USA will never like to resolve the longstanding issue of Kashmir, in the present scenario at least. She failed even to exercise her influence on Modi to lift the Curfew in IHK Valley.

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USA is trying her level best to ignite the protest of students in Iran, which has erupted after the confession of Iran to shot down the Ukrainian plane in Tehran. Simultaneously USA has expressed an urgent need to ease out her in Afghanistan. For this purpose, Pakistan is the only country in the region that can facilitate the USA to plan her exit without huge human loss. But Pakistan is still in a process of ‘to be or not to be” to get a maximum dividend in this case.

US Iran conflict over General Suleimani
US Iran conflict over General Suleimani

The diplomatic, military and political strategy of Pakistan viz a viz Afghanistan, is yet to be orchestrated. Pakistan can’t ignore in the international diplomacy and arena at the same time Pakistan has to remain focused on her national objectives. Any Liberty to USA, which may erode the national interests of Pakistan, ‘in the line of fire’ may prove to be counter-productive as far as national security is concerned.

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