Valentine’s Day: The origin, meaning and gift ideas

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Every year, on the 14th of February, people around the world celebrate the “Day of Love or Valentine’s Day”. On this day, lovers express their love for each other and exchange gifts, flowers, and sentiments for each other.
St. Valentine’s Day is an annual festival of acquaintance, love, and appreciation. Lovers on this day send messages to their beloved ones and meet to express their love to others. It is not just restricted to the love feelings for boys and girls; rather it is a universal expression of love for friends, family members, and acquaintances. So, Valentine’s day is not associated with a sensual love but a way to help us tell the world about the feelings of our hearts.

valentines day memes
valentines day memes

Valentine’s Day meaning

According to the Encyclopædia Britannica, the origin of Valentine’s Day is associated with the Roman festival of Lupercalia which used to be held in mid-February to celebrate the coming of spring and pairing of women with men. However, at the end of the 5th century, this festival was replaced with St. Valentine’s Day by Pope Gelasius and since the 14th century, it has become a popular day of romance for couples and to spend the day together.

The Origin and History of Valentine’s Day

There are many myths associated with the Valentine Day. Valentine’s Day history dates back to more than 3000 years back. The history of Valentine’s Day for students is important to know because students are the most active participants of this special event.
The most popular is that Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine. There are many legends and untold stories about Valentine’s Day and its creator, Saint Valentine. It is believed that St Valentine was a Catholic Priest, living in Rome, more than 3000 years ago.

Why did saint valentine die?

In the era of Emperor Claudius 2, many Romans were converting into Christianity. The Emperor was a pagan and he wanted the Roman Army to be fully devoted to Rome and the safety of Rome. He created strict laws about the way how Christians are going to live. He also banned the marriage in Rome. St Valentine thought it to be a waste and insult of love. He believed in the importance of love. So, he began to arrange marriages for the Roman Army. However, he was captured for arranging marriages and sentenced to death. When he was in prison, he used to care for his fellows and his all devotions were for his jailor’s blind daughter. Eventually, he started loving her and also cured her blindness. Before his execution, he wrote a love letter for his love. He signed it by “from your valentine”. In the end, St Valentine was executed on 14th February, 270.

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Valentine’s Day events

To celebrate Valentine’s Day many events are organized throughout the world.
These events are collective as well as individual. Different organizations arrange events that you may find nearby and enjoy if you are still single. However, on individual level, it depends on you and your partner how you are going to enjoy this special day and make it memorable.
Private dinner: one of the best things you can do to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to arrange a private dinner with your loved one. You may also like to enjoy lunch or get together a party but whatever you do, just let your imagination set free and prepare a whole day experience.
Romantic movie: in the evening, arranging a romantic movie is the best thing for any couple in love. Just go out and get tickets for your favorite movie and have fun with your lover.

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