Belgium preparing to sue Google for not blurring military sites

google satellite

After two years of collaboration with the Google representative to blur the military sites, the Belgian defence ministry has decided to sue Google. The ministry had asked Google to blur air bases in its satellite imagery.
The Google representative told the Reuters Google has been working with the Belgian government for two years to resolve this issue. However, now “The Ministry of Defence will sue Google”. The lawsuit details have not been given yet but it has been made clear that the ministry reported requested Google to blur sites such as nuclear power plants and air bases on the search giant’s satellite imagery.

“It’s a shame the Belgium Department of Defence have decided to take this decision,” 
“We have been working closely with them for more than two years, making changes to our maps where asked to make them legal under Belgian law.
“We plan to continue working with them in that spirit of cooperation.”

Michiel Sallaets, spokesman for Google in Belgium

Belgium is not the only country facing this problem but France, Germany and Netherland have also requested Google to obscure sensitive military sites earlier.
India has already unapproved Google Street View on the concerns over the security of sensitive military installations.

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