Pope of the Vatican cancels his affiliations with rumors about his infection with Corona virus

rumours about pope of vatican being infected with coronovirus

Italy has experienced a state of alert due to the spread of the Corona virus, which has already caused 12 deaths and more than 474 infections, and the Italian newspaper “Meteo Web” said that it had published many rumors about the disease, Pope Francis, Pope of the Vatican, with the Corona virus, after canceling The Vatican for a liturgy was scheduled to be held in Rome. As rumors circulated around the world with his injury, news agencies confirmed the cancellation of Pope Francis’ official ties for the third day in a row on Saturday, suffering from a cold, according to several sources.

pope of the vatican city infected with coronovirus

On the other hand, the Vatican Press Office said: “Pope Francis continues to work from his residence at the Santa Marta Hotel in the Vatican and received people separately.” Yesterday Saturday, those special meetings included the head of the Vatican Archbishop’s Office and its ambassadors in Lebanon and France and the Archbishop of Ukraine. The Vatican also confirmed that Pope Francis celebrates Mass every morning and finally receives those present and then continues to work from home.

It is worth noting that the Pope of the Vatican, who is 83 years old, has not canceled any of his commitments since he took the papal seat, although he lost a part of the lung due to a respiratory disease when he was young, and he regularly attends many mass meetings or official events during a currency period In leadership of religious life for seven years.

On Sunday, the Vatican is expected to leave the Vatican with senior officials in the Holy See for a week of spiritual training in the Roman countryside, an annual retreat that the Pope attends at the start of every major fast.

Francis last appeared publicly on Wednesday, at a mass on Wednesday. The next day, he canceled a mass on the other side of the city with Roman priests, and canceled Friday’s meeting with participants in a Vatican conference on artificial intelligence.

Globally, the new viral monster known as corona killed less than three thousand people, and attacked about 86,000 people. About 85% of the teeth of the deadliest virus in the modern era survived.

Medical sources in Italy confirmed that there are more than 400 people infected with Corona virus around the country, and that among the provinces, Lombardy occupies the first place in the number of infections with 258 people, adding that “the region of Veneto, follows Lombardy with 87 infections, followed by Emilia Romagna with 47, Liguria has 16, and there are three cases in Piedmont, Lazio, Sicily and Marche, two in Tuscany and one in Alto Adige.

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