Indian Illegal Detention of Innocent Kashmiris Needs to Be Stopped

Illegal detention of innocent kashmiris by Indian army

International Humanitarian Organizations must step in to save the lives of thousands of innocent Kashmiri people from Indian detention camps.
President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement and Senior Hurriyat Leader Altaf Ahmed Bhat in a statement condemned the illegal and unjustified arrest of 50-year-old Tariq Ahmed Shah and his 23-yr-old daughter Insha Jan from Lethpora Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir by National Investigation Agency (NIA). Despite the offer of support to investigate Pulwana Attacks by Pakistan, Indian agencies are trying to find lame excuses to hurt and traumatize innocent Kashmiris. Bhat added, President JKSM Altaf Ahmed Bhat further said that India agencies and the army has illegally arrested thousands of Youth just to destroy their future, and to suppress Kashmiri Freedom Movement, which India has failed over the past seven decades. Kashmiris are a brave nation and their sacrifices and struggle are immense, Kashmiris will never surrender due to Indian and Modi’s nazist tactics.

Senior Hurriyat Leader Altaf Ahmed Bhat demands UN to ask India stop Kashmiris detention
Talking to Media Senior Kashmiri Hurriyat Leader Bhat appealed International organizations to Intervene, while urged big powers to speak up against the atrocities and suppression of Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Indian draconian laws such as the Public Safety Act, have given unlimited and unlawful rights to the agencies and army, and they are using those to illegally detain innocent Kashmiris.
Thousands of mass graves have been identified and reported to International Humanitarian organizations, but no practical implications and support are shown in this regard. The young and old whoever are detained by Indian agencies end up in mass graves, psychological trauma, or handicapped. Bhat added.”
Despite the harshest laws, illegal detentions, and suppression, Kashmiri People are steadfast in the Freedom Movement, their commitment and sacrifices will never go in vain and Kashmiris will get freedom as per the resolutions of United Nations i.e Right to Self Determination.
President JKSM Altaf Ahmed Bhat while telling about the facts and figures of the recent month of February 20 said that, The facts and figures are truly alarming, During the month of February 2020, 10 people are killed, total custodial killings 3, People tortured/Injured are 30, while 138 civilians were arrested.

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