An Egyptian youth committed suicide from the top of the pyramid

An Egyptian youth committed suicide from the top of the pyramid

Surreptitiously, an Egyptian youth climbed the pyramid of Khafre II the second pyramid of three famous pyramids in the Giza, the young man lying on his own, giving his life, and the incident was referred to the prosecution and the necessary investigations are being conducted, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism said in a statement issued today.

The incident of climbing the pyramid is repeated, two days ago one of the Egyptian visitors climbed at noon last Friday, the Great Pyramid, and security personnel from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and security personnel from the Tourism and Antiquities Police, confronted him, forced him to disembark, and he was escorted to the Tourism and Antiquities Police Department at the pyramid, to take The necessary legal measures regarding it.

An Egyptian man killed himself by jumping from the top of the pyramid
An Egyptian man killed himself by jumping from the top of the pyramid

Last May, the last incident was the climbing of a thirty-year-old man, the Great Pyramid of Khufu, and he threw stones at visitors to the archaeological area, after he entered as an ordinary Egyptian visitor with an entry ticket, and as soon as he entered the area he rushed towards the pyramid of Khufu, and climbed to the highest peak The pyramid, and took some of the wooden pieces in the wooden triangle above the top of the pyramid, and threw it on the passers-by in the area, pointing out that security observed the young man climbing, and immediately they climbed up behind him to catch him.

The security forces chased the young man and was lowered from the top of the pyramid, so that he would be interrogated, find out the reason for it to climb over the top of the pyramid, and throw wood on visitors to the area.

It is noteworthy that Egypt has been witnessing for several years an increase in suicides, whose causes are unknown, and some attribute it to economic factors, while others affirm that the largest percentage of suicides belongs to the youth category under thirty-five years. Suicide routes varied between the subway, Cairo Tower, and other tourist places.

It is worth noting that the Egyptian Parliament had approved in its plenary session last February the amendments submitted by the Egyptian government to create two articles in the Antiquities Protection Law No. 117 of 1983 to criminalize and punish with imprisonment for a period of no less than a month, and with a fine not exceeding one hundred thousand pounds or One of these two penalties, whoever climbs Egyptian antiquities and commits any behavior that violates public morals, insults the country in museums or archaeological sites, or surreptitiously enters into them. The penalty shall be doubled if the aforementioned perpetrators are connected.

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