Franca Colozzo

Looking around in the desolate atmosphere of the empty cities of Italy these days, in which the spread of the pandemic from Coronavirus has played its death drums on the usually crowded and noisy streets, here I am reminded of the many wars that are around for the world.
The heartbreaking scenes of children dying under the rubble, men and women fleeing the war in Syria approaching its ninth year, disappointed hopes in Palestine for a better future, the mourning that envelops Yemen and its children, innocent victims of human madness, remain etched in my mind.


Bloody faces rise from the smoke of the rubble, like those of Muslims recently killed in New Delhi by Hindu fanatics fomented by the RSS, who support the government of PM Modi, or massacred, kidnapped, imprisoned for no real reason, if not that of being political opponents of the Indian government, as in Kashmir, starting from the curfew of 5 August 2019.

Today the media tam-tam goes around the world and cries out to the pandemic, the West awakens from its apparent drowsiness punctuated only by financial news, by the fluctuating New York Stock Exchange and by the concern that the world we have known may never be more like before.
None of the world’s political “Gotha” rose on August 5 to condemn what was happening in Kashmiri, Palestine in Asia; nobody had raised the index against Modi’s abuses or the brutalities that are upsetting the world more than in the past.
India feels entitled to dominate and treat minorities as it sees fit: children and stepchildren, but also the Indians themselves who are going through an unprecedented crisis beyond the rosy declarations that project it towards exponential growth. Modi could be the architect of its destruction, which will make the population, like many Indian tycoons abroad, unable to expatriate succubus.
While it seems that a microscopic virus has brought the world to its knees, spreading the pandemic like wildfire, here we realize how fragile the current balance is, taken first for granted.
The virus is scary because there is no vaccine. We die more for a banal flu, despite the vaccine, but men love to be immersed in the negativity that killed our soul.
Collective fear is widespread through social media and is highly explosive. Spreading it like wildfire means feeding fear on a collective and unconscious level, it means controlling the masses through the system of terror. The negative energy that we set in motion will be more devastating than the virus itself and will increase man’s subordination to harassment greater than a few inauspicious individuals, greedy for money and power.
We die from the climate (serious diseases and tumors), but nobody points the index against the pollution that causes millions of deaths every year because it is not convenient for industrial production to use less polluting, but more expensive energy. The hypocrisy that governs the peoples of the world also flows into the existential sphere.
A microscopic virus has managed to do an incredible thing on a macroscopic level: destabilizing the economy of China, Italy, Europe, America now, etc. We will see if it is a commercial war or not … One fact is incontrovertible: the West has closed its eyes to the many injustices: from Kashmir to Palestine (mother of all wars), from Syria to Yemen, from Iraq to Afghanistan, in order not to enter into the merits of what is happening in Africa (Somalia, Congo, Sudan, etc.), the result of a western colonization that has not taken firm roots but only exploited resources and peoples, but above all provoked wars and sold weapons.
Today we are crying because we face the end of a delusion of western omnipotence for a virus escaped from a laboratory (mystery on how and why this could have happened), for which there is no vaccine. As if in ancient times there were vaccines!
For those who remember the plague episode in Alessandro Manzoni’s novel “I Promessi Sposi” (in English “The Betrothed”), it seems unlikely to compare today’s virus to the most devastating one of the time! The difference between yesterday and today is that we have grown exponentially at the world population level and we move quickly from one place to another.
What is happening before our eyes, since we are dying more from other factors (climate change of which the virus in question could, according to some scientists, be the result of a genetic mutation), should make us understand that in basically we are fragile beings lost in the sidereal space and that, instead of waging war on each other, we should work together for the collective good.

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Dr. Arch. FRANCA COLOZZO ̶ an Italian architect, writer, novelist, artist, poet, researcher, educationist, freelance journalist and Peace & Harmony activist ̶ isChief Executive Officer (CEO) of International Harmony Council~ IHC, Sister Organization of INSPAD ~ Institute of Peace and Development, in Islamabad (PAKISTAN), thanks to its President & CEO, Dr. Muhammad Tahir Tabassum. During the seven years spentin Istanbul on behalf of the Italian Foreign Ministry, thanks to her multi-ethnic and multi-cultural experience, she published catalogues and organized exhibitions of Art at the Italian High School I.M.I., the Italian Institute of Culture and the most prestigious universities in Istanbul (Turkey). Coming back to Italy in 2002, she conveyed her knowledge into the Italian teaching system through Art exhibitions about the artistic didactic path of her Italian High School students. She was selected, in 2005, as E.N.D. OIB1 expert, Building Policy - GUIM 06/51, at the European Community of Buxelles (BELGIUM). Retired from teaching, she continues to practice as apart-timearchitect, painter and writer of poems, essays and novels, a freelance journalist. She obtained a lot of professional and academic awards from recognized international organizations. Recently, her current focus is on writing articles, aphorisms, thoughts, essays, poems, etc., on Human Rights, Peace, environmental problems, refugees, women’s empowerment, education and health related programs, etc. Nominated two years ago Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA Director~ITALY) on behalf of the influencer Richard DiPilla (Virginia – USA), she is interested in humanitarian and pacifist issues.