After he and his wife infected by Corona: Tom Hanks washes dishes and writes on a typewriter in the home isolation

Tom Hanks and Rita

Guidelines imposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have limited the spread of corona, led to a multiplier effect, delayed and canceled many artistic events, and put celebrities and their fans inside the homes. In the light of the epidemic that afflicted 2.9 million around the world, celebrities and fans alike remain committed to the home to stay safe from COVID19. However, a number of movie stars were infected by the coronavirus. On March 11, the two stars announced the biggest story in the world of celebrities, Tom Hanks and his wife, actress Rita Wilson, who announced their infection with the Corona virus. It was announced while traveling to Australia for work It was the first prominent case of the outbreak in Hollywood and they were followed by a number of other actors, such as Idris Elba and Daniel Day Kim. These celebrities soon took medical care and through their accounts they urged their fans and followers to adopt self-isolation. As the number of victims of the virus continues to rise, the number of celebrities who have been infected with the virus continues to rise to date.

Tom Hanks actor

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson confirmed on Twitter on Wednesday evening, March 11th, that the test he had for him and his wife was positive for Covid-19, and in response to the deadline report, Hanks posted a picture of a rubber glove disposed of in a medical waste bag, along with the message, “Hey people. Rita and I are here in Australia. We felt a little tired, like us she had a cold and some body pain. Rita had some chills that came and went. A slight fever also came to me. We do all the things right, as required in the world is now, we have been tested for Corona virus, and we have found it positive.”
Hanks went on to tell his fans, “Okay, now. What to do next? Medical officials have protocols to follow. We are testing, monitoring, and isolating according to public health and safety requirements, right?”
After seven days, Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, started on Twitter at his Twitter account, saying: “We are in our home now, and like the rest of the Americans, we continue to provide shelter in a place and practice social estrangement. Many thanks to everyone who took care of me and my wife in Australia, and took the car to the United States. Many thanks to all of you, and to all who have contacted us, best wishes from Rita”.
Hanks posted his tweet on March 17th in which he said, “Good news, after one week of positive test, in self-isolation is almost the same. But I don’t have a fever with only some pain, I wash dishes, but one bad news is the case of my wife Rita who passed with six shifts, I’ve learned to record every inspiration, so I’ve traveled here with the only typewriter I love, all of us in this together.
In his last tweet today, Hanks offered a plasma bag he took last week, saying in his tweet: Here’s a plasma bag that I took last week. What a bag! After the paperwork, I think it’s time for naps. Hanks also thanked Dr. Ann Remwin, director of the UCLA Center for Global Health and Migrants. Emerging infections, and global health.

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