HUMA KIRMANI Appointed as New INSPAD Peace Ambassador

huma kirmani new Ambassador of Peace of INSPAD

International think tank Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD nominated famous Author, Speaker writer, novelist, Humanitarian and Peace, Harmony activist Hon. Huma Kirmani as Ambassador of Peace.
Her first book is about wounds of terrorism , substantial pangs of migration as the worst consequences of war, whereas human trafficking is also a post traumatic effect of war and terrorism infliction as peace is really sobbing like an innocent child whose parents are being lost or deceased in ceaseless terrorism through which our land has been suffering through. Her first novel depicts the misery of war children as the worst sufferers of humiliation at the pathetic threshold of tyranny of war and terrorism.

huma kirmani, the writer, novelist and human rights activites
Her first novel ‘Corridors of Transmutation’ is published by Amazon, which is about war and terrorism, about refugees of Afghanistan especially women and children. Her second book is about the tragic dilemma of Syrian refuges all over the world as ‘By the Rivers of Babylon.’
Huma’s book on Kashmir as , ‘A Tale of Two Flags ,’ is dedicated to the Kashmiri people who are waiting for a fair justice for ages. Her short stories on various stigmatic issues of the society are published and available on a website of United Nations,’Medium ‘ .
As a writer her name is enlisted in the World’s Authors Encyclopedia as a published author. She was nominated as a She Writer by Ladyz Fuzion , Dubai in March 2020 and SpiritMania , India. She had been remained as a sponsored member by International Women’s Writing Guild for a year. Huma writes about unusual and unconventional topics that most authors refuse to speak about.
She is Global Goodwill Ambassador, Goodreads author and this year March 2020 Women Economic Forum (WEF) ALL (All Ladies League) has bestowed her lifetime membership.
Huma Kirmani is a human rights activist who works and speaks for the misery of refugees and empowerment of women. She is also affiliated to United Nations of Pakistan as an honorary member, to Arado and Lyari Girls Cafe as mentor. She is a TEDx speaker and her tedtalk is published by TEDx which is available on YouTube. TEDx international forum had commented on her Ted Talk as,
“She is a gallant person who speaks boldly. She is a fascinating speaker that enraptures your attention and changes your perception of ‘taboo’ topics in Pakistan. “
She believe that humane is above all racism. Huma raises her voice for the rights of minorities in Pakistan as a humanitarian for spirit to change to make the people aware the true meaning of white part of the national flag which denotes that rights of minorities are respected and heavenly saved in Pakistan.
She manifests in her writing that how the women of underprivileged areas strive hard to become the part of the mainstream progression in Pakistan.
She also started a petition on ‘Honor Killings or Karo Kari ‘ via to curb this deadly ritual which is going on in rural areas of Pakistan. Despite of many laws and resolutions set forward by the government but the stubborn ‘Jirga System ‘ and life threatening feudalistic set up become as the rigid barrier to the male chauvinistic mindset. Her petition against Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir was quite successful.
Huma is the Honorary member of United Nations of Pakistan and she conducted the human rights conference as the chief speaker and addressed the teachers of the many schools’ teachers who are serving in underprivileged areas. The conference was about children’s rights and child protection as a part of sustainable literacy programme of United Nations of Pakistan , conducted the training sessions with the wonderful teachers of underprivileged areas, who really inspired with the tale of their sincere devotion to teach the students whose family background is deprived of basic human rights.
She presented an awareness session on Thalassemia and Tumor immunology. Her aim was to disperse that Thalassemia is not a curse but it can be cured. Few people have knowledge in Pakistan that how this infection can be cured and really not a hindrance in achieving the best goals of life.
Her interview was conducted by the famous American anchor Cheryl Besner on Voice of America which is available on Google . PTV invited her for an interview. She was interviewed by Ruby Bakhshi Khurdi in Global Inspirational Women. Her interview was broadcasted on Sindh Police FM 88.6 as an educationist by Adeil Durvaish.
Huma had two live Facebook interviews by The Day Dreamer Show live from Toronto,Canada by Aijaz Qureshi Canadawalaa and by Rafiah Mudasssir the founder of NoorulHuda Foundation. She was invited for a panel discussion by Kathlyn Eyitemi from Nigeria on Facebook which was about the domestic violence on women.
Huma was invited as a guest speaker by National MOIC to express my view on how war and terrorism can be replaced by Peace and as a speaker by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan to speak for the incredible success of women politicians in the national elections of Pakistan.
During the time of pandemic , Covid19 which made Huma to follow her favorite Shakespeare who had written King Lear and Macbeth during the time of plague . She has written a book about the crisis of Covid19 as how the refugees are battling against it while they are living in their refugees camps . Her book ‘s name is ‘Banshee, the Pandemic.’

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Dr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum is the Founder / President of Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) (Think tank), Ambassador UNIHW, Journalist Peace, Harmony Activist, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Human rights Defender, Media Consultant, Columnist, Author, Public Figure, and Motivational Speaker. The author may be contacted at [email protected]