The Institute of Peace and Development, INSPAD Board of Directors and Board of Governors decided  and proudly nominated  Hon. Dr. Arch. FRANCA COLOZZO  ̶  an Italian architect, writer, novelist, artist, poet, researcher, educationist and a very energetic Peace & Harmony activist  ̶   as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of International Harmony Council IHC, Sister Organization of INSPAD.  This position was vacant since one year for lack of activity by CEO Prof Dr. Zahida Malik (UAE).

We had consulted with the Chairman International Harmony Council/the Board of Governors, Hon. Dr. Khurshid Ahmed MBE UK,  the Secretary General of  INSPAD, Hon. Mr. Saqib Ahmed Ansari Advocate, with other board members and then decided unanimously.

Dr. Arch. Franca Colozzo is a retired teacher of “Drawing and History of Art”, in Italy and Istanbul (Turkey), on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She has been appointed Global Goodwill Ambassador, in March 2018, and afterwards     GGA_Director~Italy (August 2018)  by the influencer Hon. Mr. Richard DiPilla (USA).

In March 2019  she has been appointed  Ambassador of Peace,  Vice Chairperson of the INSPAD Council and, in January 2019,  Country Director~Italy  by  Hon. Dr. Muhammad Tahir Tabassum,  CEO & President of INSPAD ~ Institute of Peace and Development  in Islamabad (Pakistan).

Dr. Arch. Franca Colozzo, during the seven years spent abroad, gained multi-ethnic and multi-cultural experience, also publishing a Catalogue on students’ drawings and a trilingual (Italian/English/Turkish) illustrated Vocabulary.

She organized annual Art exhibitions at the Italian High School I.M.I. in Istanbul, as well as at the local Italian Institute of Culture and the most prestigious Turkish universities (Robert College, Galata Saray, etc.).

Multi-tasked, convinced proponent of the Lifelong Learning System (her most recent Master’s degree), creative and enthusiastic with strong belief in organizational innovation, she is an excellent team hard worker even in a multicultural context.

After reaching back Italy in 2002, she conveyed her foreign experience  into the recently renewed Italian School System  (M.I.U.R. – Italian Ministry of University and Research) through annual Art exhibitions on the artistic didactic path of her students. She received many professional and academic awards from recognized organizations both in Turkey and in Italy.

In 2005, she was selected on behalf of Italian Foreign Office as an architect expert in Building Policy  (E.N.D. – OIB1- GUIM 06/51), at the European Commission of Bruxelles  (Belgium).

Passionate about democracy and justice, she is attentive to the rights of the weakest social classes and the importance of the education of women and children.  Her current interest is focused on writing novels, poems, essays, articles, comments, etc. in different newspapers and blogs on Human Rights, Peace, Kashmiri issues, democracy and civic duty, gender equality, women’s empowerment, environmental problems and climate change as official blogger of Long Term Economy (LTEconomy), refugees,  education and health related programs, etc.

Member of the Order of Italian Architects, she is member of many relevant associations worldwide (Women Economic Forum, Union of Arab Intellectuals, Writers & Poets international organizations,  INSPAD Groups, Kashmir Solidarity Council, etc.).

Moreover she is very active on social & print media to promote peace, harmony, humanitarian care and  the long-standing problems in Kashmir through articles, comments  and publications internationally.


  1. ✍️ In truth I am very active on social & print media as I think that in a technological era like this at the dawn of the third millennium, communication is the keystone for a profound and rapid change in the world.
    History is calling us, nature is rebelling against the senselessness of modern humanity or dishumanity, so we must run for cover if we want to save the human race from a sure extinction if climate, environment, human rights are so brutally trampled every day.
    The team of truly special women that I am gradually putting on is currently made up of intellectuals, champions of human rights, ecologists, environmentalists and above all endowed with a high humanitarian sense. Among the many, I quote the following: Kishwar Aqeel, Hira Ali, Rana Shama Nazir and Dr Satnam Deuchakar, Peace Ambassador (INSPAD) Greenden associate, GOC, etc.
    Each of them is a bearer of high values ​​and my position belongs not only to me, thanks to Dr. MUHAMMAD TAHIR TABASSUM #President & #CEO of #INSPAD who wanted to gratify me for the arduous work done for his #Peace #Think #tank, but also for the women I mentioned because, if it existed a link between us without rivalry and jealousy, we all would grow together and this is the real Gordian knot to be resolved if we really want 🌷🌷🌷women’s empowerment 🌝🌿🕊️🌿💖💃

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