Is world’s current population normal?

world population

What is the world population right this year?

If we go back in time and record the world’s population in 1960s, it was about 3.032 billion people. The world population increased every year uncontrollably and there were 3.684 billion people in year 1970.

According to most recent United Nations estimation, the total population of the world as of 2020 is more than 7.8 billion. This rate increases every year with the addition of 130 million people by the rate that approximately 360,000 babies are born in a day.

This is just estimations and it is very much likely for the world population to grow much more in the next few years.

Increasing World Population and its effects:

It is believed by many people around the world that if the world’s population continues to increase at this rate, it will result in a great disaster and lead into environmental problems all over the world.

First of all, we should know some necessary points about the increased world’s population:

  • Every year, there is an increase of approximately 74 million people which is increasing day by day.
  • It is not yet known the exact “human carrying capacity” of our planet Earth. It is more because that even the world population is uncountable; still there are many places in the world that are not habituated. It is more likely that people will find ways to live in deserts, hilly years or on islands in near future to built houses.
  • The reason of the change in the environmental conditions, greenhouse effect, and shortage of fresh air is increasing world’s population.
  • Scientists have found that throughout the world’s history, 20th century saw the most increase in world’s population.
  • In the end, if we talk about our resources which come from Earth, due to world’s population, we, people in 21st century, have consumed more than 50% of the natural resources than the people before 20th century.

World Population is currently the most crucial problem that is the reason for the decrease in food supplies, lack of proper medical treatment, shortage of buildings and improper way of living.


Humans are the most dignified creatures of Allah Almighty. We are bestowed with heart, mind, perfect body and a soul. We are the only creature on this planet which is capable of observing, reacting, thinking, adapting, setting goals, accomplishing them and making our lives possible. If we look at other creatures such as animals, we will find that neither of them makes their life different from the way they are supposed to be. For example, lions, they are born, they grow, prey, live in dens and in the end, they die. Yes, there are some cases when they are captured by the hunters and brought into circuses. But, have you ever seen lions to set a goal instead of prey and try to accomplish it. The heart of humans and the will of the most dignified creature is the fact that makes us different from the other creatures. We are clever, adaptable and intelligent and also the creatures of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

World Population

Going back in 1960s is difficult for us to estimate the world’s population. So, we will just take 2015, which is just 5 years before the current time. Of course, it is for our convenience and humans love to develop things which are easy.

In 2015, the world’s population was more than 7.3 billion people on this planet Earth.

So, it meant that we have to provide shelter, home, clothes, food, medical treatment, educational opportunities and other basic needs to about, no, more than seven billion three hundred million people. 7.3 billion People are consuming the resources which are provided to us by this planet and nature.

But, have we ever thought that what we had done with these resources, planet, environment and nature?

Effects of Overpopulation

We consume these resources and at the same time, produce million tons of waste, garbage and unnecessary throw away. We could manage the life of 7.3 billion people but the problem arrives when the population is not controlled.

Today, we are facing such severe problems such as severe diseases, climate fluctuations, bad air, bad water, bad natural problems and the pollution that is increasing in all parts of world and in every form of nature that shouldn’t be polluted. Green house effect is another problem. The world’s temperature is increasing so much that the Polar Regions are melting; sea level is rising and causing floods. The rainy season has changed and we are facing cyclones and intense wind patterns. The species of different creatures on this planet has already gone to the extinct species category. A number of animals are suffering habitat loss and are endangered.

What if humans on this planet also go to extinct or endangered species category? Can it happen? Can humans let this happen?

So, why we are destroying the species that are actually created by nature? Why are they becoming extinct because of our increase in population?

Well, it is only because of the fact that we are dignified creatures and we have acknowledged it.

The resources of fresh water are even in danger. Fresh water is the most crucial need of us. The 70% of our body is made of water. The fresh water covers about 2.5% of our planet. This is a small amount but you have to believe that only 2.5% of fresh water has supported life on this planet since its origin. We think that this amount will support life forever. So, we destroy the fresh water resources by adding pollution in it and also we are the reason that the fresh water is declined on this planet. The world is facing shortage of water right now. So, can you imagine what will happen in the next years? Will we be able to live without water? We use water in our day to day purpose.

We are developing factories, workshops, industries and other places which release a great threat to nature. According to a Harvard Study, “Over the next forty years, nearly all (97%) of the 2.3 billion projected increase will be in the less developed regions, with nearly half (49%) in Africa.” This is a great problem for air, water and Earth. It is more like that we are in a challenge with nature. Nature is striving so much to support us human life on this planet. And, in return, we are asking nature if it is really capable to support our life on this planet.

These are such small problems that we can’t recognize it.

The United Nations estimates that there would be more than 9.5 billion people in 2050.

We can’t even tell what problems we will face in 2050. Well, that can be controlled if we not only just control our population but also try to manage our life.

  • We can contribute by having fewer children. In China, one child policy is gaining a lot of importance and has already attracted the attention of international policies. The world’s population is increasing so much that we will have to imply this policy on every part of the world. The developing countries are in great threat because of uncontrolled population. The resources there are low but the people don’t work on population control policies. There should be proper awareness on these issues.
  • If you love children and can’t work on this state, you can consider adoption. There are so many children in this world that are homeless, living in poverty or are abandoned. You can adopt them. In this way, the orphanages will be reduced, world’s population will be controlled and we will be able to manage our lives.
  • If we are working on the control of world’s population, will it be possible for only us to control the world’s population. Absolutely no, we will have to share our knowledge and awareness with all the world and try to make them understand the hazards of over population. If more people know about the danger of overpopulation, they will share their knowledge with others and the world’s population will be able to be controlled.
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  1. The Earth, as we know it, will be completely melted down within about 500 years. The magnetic poles are on the verge of flipping (why do you think compasses fail in certain areas, like the Bermuda Triangle?). Nevertheless, why waste anything to the landfill, to keep the junk manufacturers in business? A disposable paradigm, with its planned obsolescence, denotes absolutely no pride in workmanship, rather, a demonstrable lust for the almighty dollar. I feel sorry for our descendants, with their throw-away mentality, when the SHTF. We should be setting an example. We can go green, or turn yellow. It’s our choice.

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