Humans as the reason for the increase in covid-19

coronavirus and human role in its spread

The whole world is in fear of a single pandemic and that is Corona Virus most commonly known as COVID-19. Well, this virus attacked the world in 2019 from China and set itself completely in this world in 2020. At the beginning of this virus, the whole world cursed China and blamed China and its fish industry for starting this virus.

The China Government tried to defy all these blame and fight this virus. At the end of March 2020, they were able to put a control on this virus. That is the story of China. Let’s see what happened to the rest of the world. While WHO, European countries, and also the developed and developing countries were blaming China and putting the Chinese isolated from the whole world for the covid-19, the virus didn’t stop and took the rest of the world as its next prey. This virus (covid-19) spread in the whole world starting from America, Pakistan, India, and others. This situation is more like that Corona Virus took revenge for China to put a false blame on the innocent Mainland of China. Now, the whole world is fighting with this virus, even though, their defeat is already known to them. It is the same condition if we fight on the battlefield without any defense and attack and still are staying on the battlefield.

covid-19 in pakistan

Now, China has put off the blame that was implied in it. But, there is a situation.

Should we blame the increase in the pandemic of the covid-19 to the whole world, especially the countrymen all over the world?

Well, we should do this as humans are responsible for the increase in Corona Virus, death rates, patient increasing rate, and also for the fear due to Corona Virus.

Humans and their behavior toward COVID-19

We all know that humans are the most dignified creatures of this world with mind, heart, soul, and ambitions. They possess all types of emotions, all types of tastes, and all types of inspirations. Humans are the reason for the change of the world into a global village. Animals are not. Humans are the reason for polluting the air. Plants are not. Humans are the reason for the increase in diseases. Bacteria, Algae, Fungi, and Viruses are not. You have to believe this fact that every change in your life is not due to any other form of nature but the most respectful and highly known creatures of nature and that are humans. You have to believe that the increase in a pandemic is due to humans.

Let’s discuss it:

Is Corona Virus the cause of humans’ recklessness?

Have you ever seen a virus with two or four feet so that it can walk?

Have you ever seen a virus with a pair of wings so that it can fly?

Have you ever come across a virus that has a tail to swim?


Then how viruses spread all around the world when they don’t have feet, wings, or tail?

Well, you must have guessed it. It is due to the touch of a healthy person with a patient. It is due to using the things of a patient by a normal human. It is due to carelessness in cleaning and it is due to the fast nature of humans which leads them with problems.

It is said:

You must control your anger.


Because, in anger, we do things that we shouldn’t do and then we regret.

You must not be fast.


Because, if you’re fast, you forget important tasks and make them the reason for your regrets.

You must be calm inside and think carefully before you do anything.


Because, in this only way, you remember things and find the solution to a problem more quickly and accurately.

When this virus started, the whole world went into trauma and the scientist, medicine creators showed fast actions, and do you think this was correct?

Not, the scientists have not yet discovered the medicine. Even if, they were fast. They couldn’t think of anything and started developing. Do you think that it was correct?


Cause of Corona Virus increase

The only dangerous thing like humans is that they don’t care about anything until it has gone far off the boundaries. When the virus was still in China, we didn’t show any care and now that the virus is in the whole world, we aren’t doing something specific. Are we waiting for an even more increase in this virus? Should it happen?

Humans always think that others will do this and that. Then what will you do? Aren’t you human too? Or are the players of a game that will survive even death and then revive its life?

Thousands of people write blogs, articles, and essays on the prevention from Corona Virus. Are they acting on these prevention too? Or they are living like the ones who have to just write and then do nothing?

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Thousands of people blame the government for not implying strict lockdown and they are treating their governments as they are doing nothing. When there was and when there is a lockdown, how many of you are completely staying at home?

How many of you don’t go out of the house until there is the dire need?

How many people in this world are taking measures to raise awareness of this dangerous virus?

Every day we listen to the news that these many patients have died from the Corona Virus. How do we react to it?

Careful estimate! “They were just patients, so they died. Why should I care? I am not even a patient. Let’s go out for a walk?

Or, “It is good that the world population is decreasing.”

Or, “It is false news. There is nothing like Corona Virus?”

Is there seriously nothing like COVID-19?

Ok, we assume thinking what if Corona Virus attacks you one day while you were having a virus?

Suddenly, we feel like dizzy, you cough and sneeze, and then your temperature increases by a high rate.

You visit your doctor and he says that you have Corona Virus. You come back home and start the rest. You are having a hard time because the family members whom you should have only met are not meeting you now. You are living miserably because your friends with whom you were having a party don’t even call you. You are begging for the cure from Corona Virus because you want to like normally.

But, now, until the time the medicine of this virus isn’t invented, you will have to live or you can die.

Now, you will regret being careless but time can’t be replaced.

Now, you will regret it until the time you die. Or if you are lucky, until the time doctors find the medicine and treat you with it.

So, when the time is in your hand and you want to survive the see the happy time of the world, you should start working on prevention from now on.

Make sure to keep yourself clean and safe.

Prevention is the best protection.

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