I would like to present you opportunities to successfully ride the pandemic crisis. I will do my best by sharing some information with you that I think is worth looking at now that the crisis is raging worldwide. So I start with the words of a very famous mathematician, as well as the author of “The Black Swan”, who says that people often don’t realize that they have a chance, so they are wrong,  they always lose the chances and  see the possibilities when the crisis has passed. Therefore I think this is one of the most critical times we are experiencing.

covid-19 opportunities

We have to think about potential opportunities differently and always look at positivity. When you go to Google to search for the meaning of the word crisis, you find many definitions. I like the second definition: it’s the moment when a difficult or important decision has to be taken, so it’s about the decision making process and I firmly believe that this is one of the best times when people can think about their financial freedom to your future investment. A crisis that we have already talked about before, the Chinese one but I think even more now to the American one with the GDP in free dive, has two symbols: the first is a warning sign, the other is over. Let’s look at the economy of the United States: the gross domestic product of 1900, now 2020 NEC is upside down, so it seems that this is a business. This is economy: we really need to understand what tools to adopt and think well every time we think about the current situation. According to a recent investing.com survey 80% of investors think that we are heading for a global recession. Yes there is a danger of a global recession as prices of houses and goods in general fall, while social classes lose purchasing power, but this is the best time to think about a third and fourth quarter investment in this year for the percentage of investors. In truth there are many expectations that prices will drop further and for those who can afford to invest I think this is one of the best times to think about investments. In times of crisis, it’s about leadership who can choose how to improve performances or panic. At the time of the crisis, the image of good leaders are like megaphones that spread positivity. Good leaders can be individuals or companies and businesses.

The crisis will continue for years, but certainly ideas with new innovative business concepts, new companies arriving on the market, new companies will be the driving force for new investment prospects, future growth.

The real estate market follows the trend of global finance. The stock market is currently going crazy, following it is like going behind a global schizophrenia, at least for me.

Investing now, for those who can afford it, is a propitious occasion but with attention and long view, given that the prices have gone down.

Seizing opportunities means by-passing events when others are afraid. So most of the time we shouldn’t be excited when we see the booming market and people buying: this isn’t always the right strategy for making investments.

I invite everyone to keep calm, basically this is essentially the purpose of this improvised article of mine thinking on this sunny Italian Sunday in August about the problems of Covod-19 on the rise here also in Italy, given the non-compliance with hygiene rules now unfortunately disregarded.

Will there be the light of hope to save our defeated humanity? I really think we’ll get out of this nightmare soon.