Indian negative policy has endangered peace in the region – Dr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum

high alert in pakistan

Founder President of the International Think Tank Institute for Peace and Development INSPAD and peace ambassador Dr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum has said that India’s ill-conceived negative policy and war frenzy has endangered peace in the region. The Indian Army does not remember the humiliating retreat in Kargil, the massacre is still going on in occupied Kashmir, access to international agencies is not possible even during Corona, crackdowns are being carried out in every village and town.

In a statement he said the humiliating beating of the Indian Army in Ladakh is only a matter of tomorrow and the process of evicting the farmers of Punjab from their lands is underway with the aim of weakening the Khalistan movement. Somehow India can carry out a fake operation or a strategic strike for which our army and nation must be ready at all times.

He said that India’s dream of changing the status and population ratio of occupied Kashmir would never come true. Kashmiris have sacrificed three generations for their right to self-determination. Their morale is higher than the Himalayas and no good tactic of Modi government can hinder their determination and morale till their independence and implementation of UN intentions. We will not leave alone.

Sardar Tahir Tabassum said that Pakistan urgently needs to review its Kashmir policy. Speeches alone will not bring relief to Kashmiris. It is a good thing that the government and the army are on the same page and there is complete harmony, but the opposition parties also need to show positive thinking. There is a danger of damage from pomegranate in the country.

He further said that the double standards of international bodies on Kashmir were unfortunate. The United Nations, OIC and the European Union should play a vital role for the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue or else it would be impossible for anyone to stop the war between the two nuclear powers. I will not live in which half the world’s population may be millimated. To dream of peace in injustice is mere ignorance. Peace in the region is impossible without a lasting solution to the Kashmir issue, which requires practical efforts at all levels.

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Dr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum is the Founder / President of Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) (Think tank), Ambassador UNIHW, Journalist Peace, Harmony Activist, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Human rights Defender, Media Consultant, Columnist, Author, Public Figure, and Motivational Speaker. The author may be contacted at [email protected]