Biden declares his desire to end War in Yemen

war in yemen

Biden declares his desire to end, Saudi Arabia welcomes, Al Houthi questions, and The Senate refuses to end military support for War in Yemen

US President Joe Biden put the Yemen crisis at the top of his priorities in the list of foreign issues that he would like to focus on, announcing the end of military support to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, while the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced its desire to develop a comprehensive political solution to the Yemeni crisis. In an official statement issued last Thursday, it affirmed its “firm position in support of reaching a comprehensive political solution to the Yemeni crisis,” and Riyadh also welcomed “the commitment of the United States to cooperate with the Kingdom to defend its sovereignty and address the threats against it.”

US desires to end war in yemen
The Kingdom “looks forward to working with President Biden’s administration to reach a comprehensive political solution in Yemen,” and welcomes his announcement “regarding the commitment of the United States to cooperate with the Kingdom to defend its sovereignty and address the threats against it, The official Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, said in an official statement.

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Onlast Thursday, US President Joe Biden called for an end to the war in Yemen, announcing an end to US “support” and “arms sales” to the Saudi-led military coalition in this country.
This is what many analysts have interpreted as the American abandonment of supporting the Saudi ally militarily, while many asserted that ending the support would include offensive weapons while ensuring the kingdom’s security with regard to the Patriot missile group that would protect the kingdom from Houthi attacks, and many analysts believe that the United States will suffice to stop the supply operations Air Force Coalition, and the moratorium will include intelligence operations.

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For their part, the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen expressed, on Friday, their doubts about the foreign policy declared by President Joe Biden to press for peace and an end to the Saudi war in Yemen.
The Houthis believed that “real peace” and stopping missile attacks on Saudi Arabia “will not be before stopping the aggression and lifting the blockade, and Yemen’s missiles to defend Yemen and stop it by stopping the aggression and the siege completely,” according to the tweet of the group’s spokesman, Muhammad Abdul Salam, on Twitter.
On the other hand, the US Senate announced its refusal to stop US support for Saudi Arabia, and the House voted against a draft resolution to stop US support for the Saudi military campaign in Yemen.
This coincided with a meeting at the White House of US President Donald Trump with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who started a three-week visit to the United States.
The senators rejected the draft resolution by 55 votes against it to 44 votes with it, and the drafters of the bill for the first time tried to use a clause in the War Powers Act of 1973 authorizing any member of the Senate to put forward a bill on withdrawing American forces from any conflict that did not get Congressional authorization to participate in it.
Some attribute the American decision to the fact that the purpose of the decision is to send multiple messages to the regional actors in the Yemeni war, on top of which is Iran, stating the need to stop the war, saying the war must be stopped.


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