Investigations and searches expand into the circumstances of Maradona’s mysterious death

Maradona's mysterious death

The late Argentine star Diego Arnoldo Maradona – nicknamed the golden boy – returned to occupy the world with the causes of his death, which were described as mysterious, and shocked many of his fans around the world, shortly after the Argentine public prosecutor announced the expansion of the investigation into his death to include a psychiatrist and two nurses.
The Argentine authorities had opened an investigation to find out whether there was negligence in the treatment of Maradona after the operation, and if so, these individuals will face a criminal case for manslaughter, which carries a sentence of up to 15 years in prison.

Maradonas mysterious death investigations
Under the investigations, Leopoldo Locke, the neurosurgeon who performed the brain surgery for Maradona, and the psychiatrist Agustina Kuzakov, who treated the former Neapolitan star, were investigated and their homes and offices were searched shortly after his death.
And psychologist Carlos Diaz, who treated Maradona in the months before his death, and nurses Daiana Gisela Madrid and Ricardo Almiron, is now under investigation, according to sources from the San Isidro attorney’s office.
The two eldest daughters of Maradona, Delma and Gianina, accused Locke and Morla of responsibility for the death of Maradona and demanded “justice”, which is supported by the autopsy of the man star Maradona, which revealed the absence of alcohol or drugs in his body at the time of his death, which is likely to be negligent in Treatment of world football star Maradona.

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Reports surfaced in local media that Maradona did not receive the proper medical care he needed after the operation and that his entourage supplied him with alcohol and marijuana.
Maradona’s lawyer, Matthias Moria, said on Thursday that he would seek investigations into the circumstances of the football legend’s death, criticizing what he described as the slow response from the emergency service.
Moria tweeted on his Twitter account last Thursday, saying, “It took the ambulance more than half an hour to arrive, which is criminal folly.”

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