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    A man married a woman and her daughter at the same time in Pakistan


    The supreme Court of Pakistan is hearing one of its kind case of marriage with both mother and her daughter by a man in Pakistani history. On Friday, 5th October, a petition was heard by the two members bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan filed by Sher Bano who alleged that she married her servant Waris Ali Shah, 28 after the death of her husband for the sake of protection. However, after two and half years of marriage, her husband married her daughter Sumaira Ali, 21 without divorcing her. It is prohibited in Islam to marry a daughter without first divorcing her mother. 

    The Supreme Court bench expressed sorrow over the situation and declared that they were hearing the case as it was their duty but such cases don’t leave good impact on society. 

    According to the case, Waris Ali Shah, 28 of Huripur Hazara married Sher Bano, a 40 years old widowed woman after a romantic spell in January 2015. Later on, on August 2017 he married again Sumaira Ali, 21, the step daughter of Sher Bano without divorcing Sher Bano. 

    Once Sher Bano knew about this marriage she registered a case against both Waris Ali Shah, her husband, and Sumaira Ali, her daughter. The Peshawar High Court has granted bail to Sumaira  Ali while Waris Ali Shah is still in jail.

    Mr. Siddique Baloch, the lawyer of Sumaira Ali told the Supreme Court that it is the issue pertaining to the Sharia for which only the Federal Shariat Court can give any verdict whereas at the present he only wants to get orders for handing over Sumaira Ali to her in-laws. 

    Sher Bano has also alleged that Waris Ali Shah has taken 4.5 million in the name of doing business

    Sumaira Ali claimed that she was adopted by Sher Bano so their is no issue marrying her husband. 

    Father of Waris Ali claimed that Waris Ali married Sumaira after divorcing Bano.

    The Supreme Court, after hearing the arguments of both parties, allowed Sumaira Ali to go with her in-laws.

    Niaz Shakir
    Niaz Shakir
    Niaz Shakir is the CEO of UK Newsline and the former Sub Editor at the Daily Mashriq Balochistan. He has written numerous articles in Urdu and English in various newspapers of Pakistan.

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