A video Tour to the House of Junaid Jamshad

junaid jamshed

Junaid Jamshed is a very well-known name in Pakistan. His journey of becoming a famous Naat reciter from the pop star is heart touching and a source of great inspiration for all young and mature people in Pakistan and abroad. Born on 3 September, 1964, Junaind Jamshed graduated from the University of Engineering, Lahore from where he obtained his degree in Engineering. He worked for some time as a civilian contractor before he focused on his musical career.
Junaid Jamshed first came to the limelight in 1987 with his patriotic song “dil dil Pakistan” as the lead singer of the first Pakistani music band “Vital Signs”

Junaid Jamshed Musical Career

After gaining popularity with his most popular song “dil dil Pakistan” Junaid Jamshed released in solo album Junaid of Vital Signs in 1994 followed by “Us Rah Par” in 1999 and “Dil Ki Baat” in 2002. However, in 2004, he left the music industry and turned towards the religion. He became an active participant of the Tablighee jamaat and was inspired by Moulana Tariq Jameel under whose guidance he spent his remaining life serving the jamaat. During this time he began reciting naats which also became very popular with his heart touching voice. He also started his clothing boutique with the name “J.” (read as “Jay Dot”) which was applauded across the whole country and the JJ brand became popular.

Junaid Jamshed Married Life

When the plane crashed in which Junaid Jamshed was travelling, the world came to know that he was killed along with his second wife Neha and that she was his second wife. His first wife’s name is Aysha. Junaid Jamshed got married in 1990 with Aysha while it is not know when he married Neha who was killed in the plane crash along with Juniad Jamshed on December 7, 2016.

junaid jamshed with his second wife Nahya Jamshed
junaid jamshed with his second wife Nahya Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed Religious life

Fed up with the worldly achievement, Junaid Jamshed turned towards religion and the light from Allah guided him towards the right path of a Naat reciter. He learned himself and taught others Islam till the end of his life. He won a place in the hearts of the Pakistani nation and the Muslims around the world. It is of no doubt that he died in 2016, but the people still remember him and pray for him.

junaid jamshed reciting naat
junaid jamshed reciting naat

The son of Junaid Jamshed, Babar Junaid Jamshed, started his YouTube channel for the lovers of Junaid Jamshed, so that they could remember him. The viewers are having a very fun time that makes them not only increase their love for Junaid Jamshed but also to come close to Islam. The viewers get to know much more about Junaid Jamshed and the passion of increasing his heritage in their hearts also increases. On the basis of the fan’s request, Babar Junaid Jamshed made a plan to go for a house tour so that people might know about the place where Junaid Jamshed lived his entire life.
Junaid Jamshed’s house is beautiful and spacious. It has an earthy toned theme with different shades of browns seen all over the place. The house of Junaid Jamshed has a homely feel.

junaid jamshed house in karachi
junaid jamshed house in karachi

The furniture choices are simple but the decoration pieces are elaborate. Everything works in harmony with each other and the entire aesthetic appeal is mostly the same throughout the house. Babur Junaid Jamshed has also recorded a video in which their new house is being constructed and we are sure people will love to see their new home when the entire family moves in.

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This house tour was not too detailed but it showed the main areas of the house like the entrance, dining and lounge room, the pool side and the staircase which leads to the rooms as well as the balcony. Babur Junaid Jamshed also showed some of the accolades and awards that were presented to Junaid Jamshed to honor his body of work and legacy.

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