Probabilities In The Battle of “Big Tuesday” To Finish Beat of The Presidential Race To The White House

Why is Donald Trump always defending Bernie Sanders

Twitter has turned a battleground of warfare between the US President and his most prominent opponent in the upcoming presidential election, Bernie Sanders. After Donald Trump sent his congratulations to him on his personal page for his victory in the Democratic Party of Nevada, accompanied by sarcasm, describing him as “mad”, to respond He had the last in another tweet, during which he expressed his insistence and ability to succeed and achieve what Trump could not achieve.

trump and sanders together

Sanders beat Nevada

The preliminary results of the Democratic primary elections, which took place yesterday Saturday in the US state of Nevada, resulted in Senator Bernie Sanders winning the vote, with 46% of the vote, according to the New York Times.

The newspaper pointed out that the Sanders victory will strengthen his position against US President Donald Trump in the presidential elections scheduled for November 3.

Sanders relies on Trump’s lie

In front of the crowds, Sanders was quick to confirm his victory across the country, explaining that the Americans were tired of a president lying all the time, adding: “In Nevada we were able to gather a multi-generational and multi-ethnic coalition.”

Sanders is very popular with young people, which led him to try to attract minorities, which was a weakness for him in his bid to win the Democrats’ nomination for the 2016 presidential elections in the face of Hillary Clinton.

Congratulation Trump

As for the American president, he deliberately congratulated Sanders, but sarcastically, saying: Crazy, chaotic Democrat Debate last night. Fake News said Biden did well, even though he said half of our population was shot to death. Would be OVER for most. Mini Mike was weak and unsteady, but helped greatly by his many commercials (which are not supposed to be allowed.

“It seems that the crazy Bernie is doing well in the great state of Nevada, and it seems that Joe Biden and the others are weak, and there is no hope for the little Mike Bloomberg to start his campaign again, after the worst performance in a debate In the history of the presidential debates .. Congratulations, Bernie, and don’t let them take it from you”.

Sanders responds to Trump’s mockery

On other wise Bernie Sanders who addressed his account on twitter by “U.S. Senator from Vermont and candidate for President of the United States. And became the one of the best candidates so answered trump tweets but tweet other said:” Trump’s remarks seem to have angered Sanders, prompting him to say: “We are building an unprecedented grassroots movement, and together there is nothing we cannot achieve”.

For Big Tuesday

The uk news line prefer to go out the us analyst so asked some  a professor of political science,  in Arabic regions about the next big Tuesday  must of them believes that if Bernie Sanders manages to maintain his progress and win next Tuesday, known as “Big Tuesday”, scheduled for March 3rd, it will almost certainly be He is the Democratic Party’s candidate in the upcoming presidential elections in November. And much of them refers that Sanders is known to be left-wing, and that his electoral program includes several points that can be described as positive. On the big rich.

Senator Bernie Sanders, who is seeking to win the Democratic nomination for the US presidential elections, is distinguished after President Trump, who witnessed a great internal and external controversy in the United States and abroad, and this may enhance his chance to win the next presidential race. In other words, Sanders power is limited to the hatred of large groups of Americans about Trump’s policies, . Dr. Ahmed Youssef, Professor of Political Science, and former Director of the Institute for Arab Research and Studies said to ulnewsline.

Amin continue: “In contrast, Trump’s supporters, especially from the right-wing parties and the Jewish lobby, increased after he admitted that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.”.

On the other side many of analysts stress on Despite these fundamentals, which make him attract a certain social base represented in the middle and lower classes, in same time he has enemies that are the rich, which is one of the main problems he faces in the upcoming presidential elections”.

And about the age of sanders effect on his election debate all refers to that the most important obstacle facing Sanders in the presidential elections is his 78-year-old, noting that he suffers a heart attack, explaining that the next person will need a very big effort, so it is possible that his age will be a major obstacle to his aspirations in the upcoming elections, and if he suffers a new heart attack His opponents, both within the party and in the elections themselves, will take the opportunity to confirm that he is not fit because of his health.

Noting that the coming days will witness a strong battle, as the American president has a large popular base, and Sanders has a program that supports the poor in the first place. The battle is strong, but it is difficult to predict the final results now.

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