Abdel-Rahman Orabi qualifies for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after beating Ghana’s champion 4-1 in the African Boxing Qualifiers semi-finals in Senegal that qualify for the Olympic Games next summer.

After his victory, Orabi said at a press conference, “Wait for me while I am holding the gold medal of the Olympic Games, which I will dedicate to all the Egyptian people who are eager for joy and victory.”

It is noteworthy that the boxer Abdul Rahman Orabi won the silver medal in the 81-kg competitions for boxing in the Military Games held in China by losing from the Uzbekistan champion 5-0 in the final. Orabi also qualified for the 81 kg final by beating Kazakhstan champions 3/2 in the semi-finals. Orabi recently won the gold medal of the African Games, which was held in Morocco last August.

Good to mention that “Orabi” said in statements during his appearance on the channel “Echo of the Country”: “The dream of the medal in the Olympics has been with me since childhood, with a dream of achieving it and I strive for that before the launch of the Tokyo Olympics.”

About asking his dream and his wish after the Tokyo Olympics, Orabi said: “I am in a respectable position .. I am with a high-computer institute, and I was supposed to have been in smoke for ten years since the Eastern Region, and I was already appointed after the Middle East medal, by one of the bosses, who was transferred after signing my appointment, but the appointment was suspended due to his departure from the company.