The number of victims of the violence in the north-eastern districts of Delhi has risen to 39, while the injured amount to 350, most of whom are still under treatment at the Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital (GTB). Three bodies with gunshot wounds were found in two channels running along the affected areas. Police have arrested 400 people so far. In the areas that have seen the most extreme violence, many bottles filled with alcohol have been found ready to be used as petrol bombs. In some streets the landscape is apocalyptic: hundreds of meters of burnt cars and motorcycles; it has been calculated that there are over eight hundred burnt motorcycles, and videos circulating on the net showing pyramids of scooters, piled up to make them burn more quickly and spectacularly.
Among the buildings and mosques devastated, there are three schools that have been set on fire and are not accessible.
On February 26, the President of the Congress Party, Sonia Gandhi, asked for the resignation of Interior Minister Amith Shah for not stopping the violence and allowing the situation to escalate.
Tension remains high in the affected areas. It took an injunction from the Delhi High Court for police officers to create a security corridor to allow 20 injured people, until then treated in a neighborhood clinic, to be transferred to hospital.
The hatred of Indian Prime Minister Modi and his acolytes (RSS) is spreading throughout the capital New Delhi with violent demonstrations against the Muslim minority.

In this incandescent situation, the voice of the Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD), Islamabad, Pakistan, on behalf of its CEO & President, Dr. Muhammad Tahir Tabassum, is rising above all. The latter, one of the most authoritative and prominent voices in the South Asia, is taking action at the highest level by sending press releases to UN, Red Cross and World Organizations, etc.
The President of INSPAD, Dr. Tabassum has appealed to the world’s powerful people, first of all to the UN, for them to move to end the blatant violation of human rights.

Conference of INSPAD

The International Think Tank Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) calls for UN Security Council and OIC meetings on the riots and genocides taking place in New Delhi (India) and Kashmir (J&K).
The Indian Government, made up of the BJP and RSS political groups, is massacring innocent people, burning their homes and mosques. Not following any UN law and statute, which came during President Trump’s visit, illegal and bloody actions are taking place in the Muslim areas of Delhi: at the moment 43 people are being killed by RSS terrorists.
India must allow Amnesty, Asia Watch, Red Cross and media to visit Delhi and IOK.”