Emotional harassment, definition, meaning and quotes

Emotional abuse and its consequences

Do you know what is the meaning of harassment? Do you know what the meaning of emotional harassment is?

Harassment is a behaviour which hurts others emotions, it could be physical or mentally. I saw many people who are talking about physical harassment. They talk about violence, bothering, misbehave and molestation but nobody talks about emotions even though all of the above harassments effect our emotions.

Emotional and verbal abuse
Emotional and verbal abuse (Courtesy: womenshealth.gov)

Let’s begin with a short story. After that, I hope you will understand what I want to say to you.

I am a girl. I did masters in HR from Karachi University. After doing masters I applied for many jobs but failed to get any. As usual I tried LinkedIn and nobody helped here too. Then I used the Facebook network not of no avail. I asked many people to help and some of them became good friends. But one day one of them stopped talking to me, and I got upset why did he do this to me? Does he need help? Is everything ok with him? I tried to contact him and he suddenly blocked. I really feel upset because I care about friends and that makes me hurt that why did he do this without telling me, without saying a goodbye. it hurts ….it really very hurts. Then I asked people to send him an apology text to him and people helped but he didn’t reply, and it hurts because I got in touch with him emotionally. I don’t make friends but when I make friends I make them by heart and accept them for me. I always help friends and I never got to think about hurting them. My intentions were never got to hurt and harm anybody, but the behavior hurts……

Now the story ends up.

My question is why do people harass mentally. In my opinion it’s the easiest way to harm people because when a person is mentally disturbed they have nothing to understand. In this situation people usually tried to convince a person, they tried to honor them but a person has no emotional intentions so they ignores.

I have to complain that he blocked me. Why he is doing like this. Is she was a toy for him? With whom he could play anytime? Or was his intentions were wrong and he thought that she was not of his type.

Now by picking it I want to say that if he wanted to block her he must have told her about this that he doesn’t want to talk to her. What happens if you say a word? It’s not necessary that if she was worried then you have to feel that but this behave harass her mentally. It affects her daily life.

Harassment is not only physical. Violence and emotionally hurting is also a harassment but unfortunately we can’t complaint against it because it’s really very easy to say that “leave it”, “forget it….” but nobody understands the emotions of a person who hurts.

I am not complaining but I am requesting to the people that don’t try to hurt anybody because it affects their life. It can make them a psychological patient. If you don’t want to talk, at least you have to inform about that. Informing someone can make them relax because some people are emotional more than others. They took things very seriously that is why they feel everything. Some people are really very sensitive, they are touchy because they think by heart.

Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram and many other mediums are operated by human. So if a person think and feels so how could he get change there? Sometimes people are not fake because they trust but people break their trust, is their right. I am not saying to trust everybody but I m saying that if someone trusts you please don’t try to break it. If you think that they are free to think about you that are not true that they get some time for you because they are hurt by your behavior. If you tell about leaving so they will not react but if you go away silently it makes them hurt.

They are mentally harassed but they can’t say a word because this harassment is not written in legal diaries. I want to ask people that if something do not belong to law, if something does not run from the path of legal or illegal so it becomes their right to do this. Don’t you think that this behavior can make someone psychological patient. It affects their mental health and if they are not happy, if they are not mentally healthy, it  effects their physical health.

I am not saying that you have to think emotionally but at least you can take care of others emotions. What happen if you think out of the box sometimes, what happen if you think and take something differently, what happen if you take care at once what happen if you place yourself at the place of that person.

We can comment on others because it is the easiest task for us but we cannot take a step towards the change. please take it serious that emotional harassment is the most dangerous harassment because in it people can’t say anything, they can’t complaint and it can kill them.

It’s very necessary for us to take care of emotions because a living heart can take care for emotions and they think by heart. I am not saying that you have to think by heart always but at least sometimes, at some places you can try. Your two words with respect, care, love and by keeping emotions can make people happy and happiness is the key of living of lively hearts because a human being must have a living heart otherwise animals are also alive. At least we can try to keep happy others because emotional harassment is also harassment.

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Qurat ul Ain Mansoor is a freelance writer. She has experience of internship in HR department of Afroze Textile Industries (Pvt) Limited (Worked as a part of the HR team in the area of recruitment, personal file management, compensation & benefits, payroll management, labor/staff dealing and grievance handling.)