The two sides of Corona Virus or COVID-19


As it is known by all the people in the world, our planet Earth is suffering from a serious illness caused by Corona Virus. Many people believe it to be a biological weapon created by the humans. But we can’t say it to be the truth because its origin is yet not known. The planet Earth, which is the only planet in this universe having life, is now deserted by this deadly virus. We can’t say that Corona Virus is the only virus in this world that is causing deaths. In the past, there came even more dangerous viruses that affected the people and their symptoms were even more fatal than this most popular virus in the year 2020.

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People always fear of what is going in front of them. They always forget what had happened in the past, which is more likely to be afraid of than what is happening just right now. But we can’t do anything regarding this nature of humans and have forgotten already the Corona Virus outbreak in the past.

Fortunately, we all live in the 21th century, the century of science, medicine, technology and biological creations. When such a virus that can be natural as well as a biological creation appears, the people come to know about it and start creating weapons against it. They recognize it, discover its symptoms, declare its safety measures and try to protect others from this face of death.

In the history of mankind, the Corona Virus is the only one which was able to stop all the activities of the world. It is the only one which has caused this planet Earth to be at peace. The people who were always enjoying their life before few days are now not even able to go out of their houses. They are like being imprisoned in their own houses. They can’t go out to buy their daily life needs. Their life has just stopped by this fatal virus.

But this is not the end. The Corona Virus has stopped all the deeds of the governments of the world. The trade is not allowed. People who were out of the country are not being able to return to their countries. The educational institutions are closed causing the golden period of the children to go to waste. The people fear to even get together and celebrate the happy moments of life. In my opinion, the most affected are the dead. The people are not even allowed to perform the last rituals of their dead relatives. The people are not able to find where their late ones are buried.

This virus has caused all the places of the world to be closed. It seems like the Earth is enjoying peace when all the places are closed and there is no one to cause rush in the most beautiful places of the world.

There is another side of the picture which says that this virus is also good. The people who fought over little things a few days ago, have forgotten all the loathes they had and don’t even remember the feeling of disliking others. The countries which were bad mouthing about each other are now silent.

All the countries are now united to each other in finding the medicine of this dangerous virus. There is peace that is everywhere. Due to no driving of cars, the atmosphere is clean. There is no noise that can irritate the people. People are now thinking about themselves instead of money, bank balance, property and the most important fame. They all try to find the cure. It is obvious that this virus will be forced to get out. The Earth will be able to transform itself. But, until that time, we are now at peace. We don’t have to hate someone and we don’t even think badly about others. This world will be able to recognize all the transformations caused by the virus that can’t be seen, that even can’t match us in all forms.

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All pictures have two sides. We just love to see at one side, we can’t know the benefits of seeing the other side. We are humans, the most honorable of all the creatures in this whole universe. We will be able to find the cure of this virus, defeat it and not even ever allow it to once again affect us. This world is full of such troubles. But, we have the courage to pass through them. Let’s defeat this virus and prove that we are Humans.

We have to move on. Cause, we know it has been two long.

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