Corona’s comedy View At Egyptian Stadium: Kings of jokes have turned Corona virus into a satirical comedy

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The Egyptian people face any event differently, often characterized by wit, even in calamities, and a flood of Egyptian ridicule on social media outbreaks of the “Corona virus” that appeared in China recently exploded, and raised the world’s horror, while the Egyptians received their news with a flood of jokes about the virus, And its effects and repercussions, all of which are tweets, pouring out the people’s anger on the performance of the ministries of health and education in Egypt in the face of the virus.

A number of social media pioneers shared a video clip from one of the Egyptian villages that dealt with the Corona virus and that it was “dust” that was eliminated by spraying in a comic manner.

The video showed that a person used a water hose installed in a barrel with a sterilizer that sprinkled people, cars and everything to confront the Corona virus, while another chanted: “sterility … spray it on his face.”

The rolling video topped social media, with funny comments about what Egyptians are doing to deal with calamities because of their lightness, and comedic spirit.

Some of the tweeters mocked the low quality of Chinese products, saying, “This is a Chinese virus and will deteriorate quickly.” This was the most famous joke that spread widely on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, and won the admiration of many, while the comics were strongly present in the mockery of the Egyptians circulated the Egyptian people picture A student cries when he says: “A new virus means an iron chapter in the book and the curriculum.” Another tweet dealt to a macho young man who expresses corona in the face of a beautiful girl, and finds one of the antibiotics. Comics addressed the last man asking about the new corona virus, saying whether the virus is chocolate or corona is a kind of cocoa drink.

It is difficult to translate the Egyptian comedy in dealing with crises, especially the major ones, because the Corona virus caused the Egyptian man to sit inside the house. .
Another sarcastic tweet to a man who says imagine a lot of sitting at home is so close to my wife that I am thinking of confessing to her that I am married to two other women, and another tweet of a man who says I cannot stay at home is my wife worse than Corona.
Commenting on the crowds on public transport, one of the tweeters put a picture and commented on it, saying: We will meet Italy in the finals, “likening the final match of the World Cup to the final match of Corona.”

Thus, the Egyptian people, through social media, received the Corona virus in a state of mockery and comedy, despite declaring a state of emergency and taking all medical measures in all governorates of the Republic due to the deadly virus.

Thus, the Egyptians, the kings of the joke, dealt with the new Corona, while the channels of the terrorist groups took advantage of the deadly virus and began transmitting their toxins and their lies to stir panic in the Egyptian street, which are lies that are confirmed by assurances that Egypt is free of the virus and has not had any infections.

Said Sadiq, a professor of political sociology at the American University, said that the Corona virus is a new disease that threatens the entire world and not a country in itself, but the state of panic, dismay and sarcasm is one of the new methods of interaction that has penetrated into societies greatly, and contributed greatly to the spread of rumors, which we do not know. Its source is not its path, but it goes on many paths that expand and add to it new words until it is achieved if certain messages are addressed, and it is related to false information issued from an unknown source and sometimes it is specific, and this is what happened with quarantine in airports to confront the Corona virus and the spread of sarcastic images «Comics» .

While media advisor Kamel Al-Masry said: The nature of the Egyptians gets rid of their problems with comedies, even though Corona is a huge earthquake that may have certain consequences, perhaps accelerating it. Thus, Egyptians resort to comedy to get rid of their increased fear.

In their attack on the performance of the government, the Egyptians used to attack one of the media who publishes tweets outside the logic, the latest of which indicated that the visit of the Egyptian Minister of Health to China led to a decrease in the number of infections in Corona, indicating that this was a success for Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in saving humanity and following up the conditions The afflicted countries, and he claims the Egyptian president has no effect. He has received unparalleled mockery from Twitter and Facebook.

All the Egyptian tweets came as an expression of their anger at the Egyptian government’s performance in the face of the Corona virus and the weakness of the health system. More than five thousand ironic tweets of his performance, statements and continuous retreat in those statements. Returning to the Egyptian comedy, who are described as the kings of the joke.

Mona published a picture of Chinese people disguised in the clothes of a man from Upper Egypt, and commented on her, “Do you think we will not know you?”, And another said, “We do not care about corona … Your Lord is the keeper,” while Ahmed Al-Khawaja added, in his commentary on a scene from a movie in which the teacher speaks With a student, “All people talk about the Corona virus, what do you know about the virus, and in the middle of the student’s silence in the scene, the teacher screams, my student spoke.”

Islam Nasser also participated, in a satirical comment, in which he said: “Corona, if he arrives in Egypt, may die, while the last video clip of the artist Mohamed Saad was published saying in a comic scene from his movie“ Chick ”,“ If I will die inevitably, then why should I fear and anything I fear “.

On the other hand, the Egyptian scientist in the United States of America, Issam Hajji, tweeted a sarcastic tweet about the Egyptian government’s negligence in following the scientific rules, saying: “I know one who has been exiled in Egypt 6 years ago because of his protest against the apparatus of Major General Abdel Ati, who claims to treat HIV and hepatitis, which was supported by all organs So far, the state has not issued any apologies to the Egyptian people, nor has any media or official been held accountable for supporting this imposture.

While one of the tweeters posted a comment about the fake world, who was awarded the rank of honorary brigade in the Egyptian army in appreciation of his efforts to invent an AIDS treatment device, even the Egyptians called him Abdel-Attia  Kofta meaning “grilled meet”, and one of the tweeters asked him to move to invent a device to treat the Corona virus.

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As the broadcaster Al-Jazeera published a comment on his attack on President Sisi, saying: “Gamal Rayan’s criticism of Sisi’s disastrous policies, does not mean that he is against Arab Egypt or against its beloved people, or against its heroic army, Sisi is not Egypt, not the people, not the army, Sisi is just a general Eber came on the back of a tank, but Egypt, its people and its army remain, God willing, may God protect Egypt and its people and its army.

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