Today, looking back, I wonder if there is an Italian way to fight against  Covid-19 or the Coronavirus, if our “virtuous” example was enough to slow down the pandemic in my country that right here  has started to gallop furiously while the spotlight on China went off, we hope for always.

Yet, despite the immense efforts put in place by the Italian government, by the civil Protection which is one of the best in the world, by doctors,  medical staff and by all citizens called to face an unprecedented sacrifice, the death bells continue to ring (yesterday others 969 dead).

Then, looking back, I seem to glimpse the flaws in the system, often entwined with a quirky bureaucracy made up of proclamations to have protected government shoulders, but not always attentively attentive to citizens as human beings. This I see and, of course, there is no optimal recipe.

Covid-19 prevention and cure

The Italian government, in truth, beyond the inevitable hesitations due to the underestimation of the danger of Covid-19 by the whole world, has made the maximum effort, we must acknowledge this. It is easy to criticize, difficult to operate. We are now copied from all over the world as a  example to emulate.  Also the rest of Europe, England and America are now running  to copy the Italian example. But not only that, just look at the populous India, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, etc., to understand that everyone, to varying degrees, is running for cover.

But, despite so much virtuosity, something went wrong, some device of this intricate mechanism that is the globalized world in which we live or rather lived more –  or less calm until a few months ago –  has jammed. Let’s try to understand, without going into the merits of health care that go beyond my specific skills, what really happened.

Would it have been possible to avoid Covid-19? How and in what way? These are the questions that continually drum my mind, to which it is difficult to give an unambiguous answer. The fact is, for example, that a small village in the north Italy, inhabited by the elderly, located right in the most infected area, is free from disease. A case?

The virulence of the virus, uneven, shows such facets that make us remain perplexed and one wonders about its nature today more than a few months ago when a banal flu virus appeared that was cutting off more Chinese people, given their conditions of extreme gathering and urbanization. Then here is the nightmare spreading like a leopard and cutting lives, not only of the elderly, but also of young people.

As for Italy it is not only about its oldest and longest-lived in Europe and the world, but also for the most unruly, a bit like our Spanish and French neighbors.

Having said that, I will provide some essential information to help you understand how the virulence of the Covid-19 virus had a more virulent course than in China. Aside from the timeliness of the Chinese action to shut people up at home, Italy underestimated, until before the Covid-19 pandemic, the pharmaceutical research so as not to invest, which therefore proved stagnant. This is also due to the spread of equivalent generic drugs, capable of saving Italian pharmaceutical public expenditure. In the last period, the prevailing attitude has been aimed mainly at saving pharmaceutical expenditure, rather than investing in research. Obviously, international research today focuses mainly on the search for a vaccine to fight Covid-19, for which not only Italian but global efforts are directed in this direction.

My feeling and completely personal considerations is that the virus, compared to that of SARS, during the replications, changes faster and therefore in Europe is more aggressive than in China. Talking about herbs, of which names are continually sent to me from Asia, certainly serves as a palliative or alternative medicine as in the past.

I am sure that music or prayer will save the world from the narrow materialism in which we have fallen. Furthermore, prayers from all religions seem now the light that, like a lighthouse,  illuminate world people in this stormy sea. This quarantine will last longer and even when the activities are reopened we will have to be very careful at least until they discover the vaccine, I hope soon.

In addition to being Italy a country with a higher average age than China, the causes of this large diffusion of pandemic here are manifold. Now more than ever we must stay at home and avoid the spread of the virus.


It would have been enough to immediately take the necessary measures such as in Wuhan, China and limit the damage to some “red” limited areas. Not having immediately buffered the situation with limited draconian measures, could lead Italy to the economic and mental collapse of the Italians. Immediate measures to quarantine even asymptomatic people, rather than the whole country in a mandatory and interminable quarantine.

The Chinese example did not serve to illuminate the minds of our politicians, clouded by the confusion that reigns in them. The people who escaped from the north were those who infected the south with paralysis of the system. The mistake was probably to block the entire Italian production system! Has this happened in China? The answer is no.

In the post Coronavirus there will be more deaths and depression due to social asphyxia and black hunger! Then the unionists will come to ask for work for workers, craftsmen, professionals etc. Is it clear that those with state and other wages survive? But where will the so-called illegal workers (consistent across Italy) eat? At the state canteen?

I fear psychological and physical damage from inactivity to children, adults and the elderly. Not allowing them a minimum of physical activity will be worse than the drastic remedies used. Even if I’m not a doctor, I use common sense, what has been lost for some time in Italy and, apparently all over the world since wars and hunger have continued to scourge humanity because of man himself.

The natural selection of the species has been artfully replaced by humanitarian bombs and by continuous persecutions of ethnic minorities. That this virus is not an avenging angel, leveler of famine, hunger, social inequality?

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Dr. Arch. FRANCA COLOZZO ̶ an Italian architect, writer, novelist, artist, poet, researcher, educationist, freelance journalist and Peace & Harmony activist ̶ isChief Executive Officer (CEO) of International Harmony Council~ IHC, Sister Organization of INSPAD ~ Institute of Peace and Development, in Islamabad (PAKISTAN), thanks to its President & CEO, Dr. Muhammad Tahir Tabassum. During the seven years spentin Istanbul on behalf of the Italian Foreign Ministry, thanks to her multi-ethnic and multi-cultural experience, she published catalogues and organized exhibitions of Art at the Italian High School I.M.I., the Italian Institute of Culture and the most prestigious universities in Istanbul (Turkey). Coming back to Italy in 2002, she conveyed her knowledge into the Italian teaching system through Art exhibitions about the artistic didactic path of her Italian High School students. She was selected, in 2005, as E.N.D. OIB1 expert, Building Policy - GUIM 06/51, at the European Community of Buxelles (BELGIUM). Retired from teaching, she continues to practice as apart-timearchitect, painter and writer of poems, essays and novels, a freelance journalist. She obtained a lot of professional and academic awards from recognized international organizations. Recently, her current focus is on writing articles, aphorisms, thoughts, essays, poems, etc., on Human Rights, Peace, environmental problems, refugees, women’s empowerment, education and health related programs, etc. Nominated two years ago Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA Director~ITALY) on behalf of the influencer Richard DiPilla (Virginia – USA), she is interested in humanitarian and pacifist issues.


  1. The Italian government had closed all of Italy indifferently: regions of the North, most affected, and of the South touched by the pandemic to a slight extent. The economic damage done to the nation has been enormous. Then the contradiction: during phase 3 all regions opened for internal tourism reasons during the summer. With us, tourism is an important slice of GDP, especially foreign, which this year has disappeared.
    Now we are again faced with a surge in the Coronavirus contagion due to the relaxation of social distancing measures (beaches, bars, restaurants, leisure places, etc.)
    In China, only the Wuhan area was closed, not all other areas thus allowing production. In Italy, the madness of a total closure and then the relaxation of all preventive and excessive precautionary measures has come close.

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