Corona virus disease (COVID-19) and the role of media

corona virus nad the role of media

The most dangerous virus that caused an estimated death of 3.1 million per year worldwide was Human Immunodeficiency Viruses (HIV). It has killed 25 million people since 2013. It was also known as Mass Killer.
Similarly, the Ebola Virus which is fast and incurable kills more than 100 people per year. Its deaths are not that much but the people infected with this virus suffer from hemorrhaging, extreme fever and in the end, death.
The next most dangerous virus is the Rota Virus which is a kid killer virus that caused 500,000 children to die in their early age.
There are many other viruses that are dangerous, fatal, and killer and which inflict the most painful deaths. For example, we can talk about the Influenza virus that travels the world. This virus has a death rate of 500 million people per year.
These viruses caused deaths and nothing. The people kept doing their daily life works and even a person is affected, they had the permission to pay him/her a visit. To be true, the people weren’t afraid of these deadly viruses at all.
But, in 2019, a new virus was identified that caused the whole world to stop and delay their activities. This virus has such an effect that the people even fear of getting out of their own houses. They fear to touch and shake hands with each other. They fear even the slightest pain in any part of their body. According to me, this virus was given the control to bring to an end of the world. This virus can make people fearful of even the fake news. The virus went throughout the world in the shortest time of one month and caused long-lasting fear of death in all the countries. This deadly and dreadly virus is the Coronavirus or the COVID-19 that has jeopardized the world economy.

corona virus and news on media
The people are aware of the symptoms, precautions and maybe its cure as well. But, still they are in the state of terror that it may affect us and this will happen and that. I don’t think so that it can affect the people that much. People just fear it like they feared Hercules, Halako Khan, and other such people.
The most important factor that is on the top list of spreading fear and terror about the Corona Virus is the role of media. The media has always played a significant role in the propagation of fear or hope, spreading fake or true stories. The media doesn’t take care whether the news are false or true. It simply wants to improve its rating and start spreading rumors on any point. Such was the case on Corona Virus. When the virus came into the eyes of people, they started believing different things. The people shared what they felt on the Internet and soon, the people thought that this virus is always around them. It is said that many people died from this terror which was inside of them. The media spread the news about the Quarantine and how the people were imprisoned in their own homes

It also spread the false news of Corona Virus to be the result of Human Biological Experiments. The people were put into the fear that even if someone sneezes and was short of breath, they are infected with Corona Virus. People didn’t even give it a thought that shortness of breath can be caused by Asthma, Bronchitis or Emphysema. The media, while seeing the fear of people, started even spreading the news of animals and the most famous bat was the reason for all this. People, who were weak-hearted, became afraid of what is happening around them. The people who were full of life a few days before have now become dull, drab and dry. If a person feels suspect of Corona Virus, he/she should just pay a visit to a doctor. What is the reason of fearing so much from it? It is true that people now a day’s follow Google. Like they said, “Google before you speak”. The people explore the Internet and after seeing half false-half true stories, they are, in their mind, infected with Corona Virus. The people who are diagnosed with other diseases may also think of themselves as a patient of Corona Virus. Then, what we will say that he/she died of a previous disease or Corona Virus? I will say that he/she died of fear and they had no will to become better.
The people who were infected by this virus recovered from it by their will to fight it and the terror. As a result, many people were cured and they were allowed to leave the hospital.
The media should be spreading more good and motivating news so that the people can fight this virus. Otherwise, people will just keep on fearing this virus and life would be stopped until the end of the world. We have to think of the possibilities that can cause this deadly virus to attack us and then, we should follow the safety measure given by the World Health Organization (WHO).

We should be motivated to eliminate this virus or the people will just die not because of Corona Virus but because of fear and terror. Life should not be stopped just by a virus that we can’t even see. The world and history are full of viruses. We should not be afraid because it is our life and we must fight any kind of virus or any kind of fear inside us to make our lives happier.

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