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Benefits of Stay Home – Stay Safe

Whenever a virus attacks, it attacks with all its might. It attacks with all the potential it has. It causes humans to suffer and ultimately death. In the past, people weren’t afraid of such viruses. Maybe, it was because there was no media that could spread the news about the virus and all its dangers. Or maybe, it was because people used to have belief in their own developed medicines. It is also possible that people had strong immune systems, unlike today. Or, maybe people didn’t think such viruses to be fatal. These conditions and situations lead to the point that the world continued all its activities even when the most dangerous Influenza virus attacked. The yearly deaths caused by the Influenza virus are 1.1 million. But the world really doesn’t stop all its daily life activities and stay home due to the fear of influenza.

stay home stay safe in Pakistan

Today, we live in the age of medicine, science, and technology. The world has also become a global village due to information technology and the popularity of social media. We live in the era of 4G. People can now get news about every latest incident of the world by just searching it on any browser. even when they stay home. People are so close to each other that even the slightest news of other countries can be read and seen by the one sitting in another country. Humans are the superior beings of all the living things that live in this world. They have minds, intelligence, emotions, and consciousness. They observe, think, suggest a hypothesis, develop deductions, and perform experiments and then the whole world sees a new invention in front of it.

In spite of all these developments, the the coronavirus update shows that COVID-19 has paralyzed the whole world surprisingly. COVID-19 is the most dangerous virus that people around the world have to be locked-down and stay home. People have to be locked down to stop the virus from spreading. On the other side, there is an answer that being lock-down is unnecessary as the world is facing a serious economic problem today.

In my opinion and what I suggest is that we should be locked-down.

All the viruses in the world that came and went had the ability to travel from one person to another. In the case of Corona Virus, one person infected can affect 2.5 people near him/her. If all these people go around like normally doing their chores, they would affect every 2.5 people near them. The situation becomes harmful as 406 people would be infected just by one infectious person within a time span of 1 month. That is why stay home policy is the best to prevent virus infection.

The person who has recovered from the Corona Virus or the person who has mild symptoms has the ability to spread the disease. In addition to other necessary precautions such as washing your hands and not touching your face, limiting contacts and social distancing is very much critical. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), minimizing contacts is referred to as the physical distancing as it is important to avoid infection from the respiratory droplets that are the carriers of the Corona Virus. It is important that every single human being living on the planet Earth should stick on lock-down, even if they don’t have much problem. It is necessary because if you are infected, you would be able to save others, and if you are not infected, you would be able to save your own self.  It is important to self isolate one’s own self form the people who are showing mild symptoms or who have been in contact with someone with such symptoms. In this way, in a week or two, they would be sure if they are infected or not and will be able to stop the transmission of this deadly virus.

If people take this precautionary measure seriously and stick on the safety measures, it would become possible to eliminate the spread of the Corona Virus throughout the world. The most important thing is to make yourself safe.

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