Sleeping Beauty in the Woods? The shadow of the virus on the world crisis

Franca Colozzo

As Ambassador of Peace, Country Director Italy, actually contact person for Coronavirus emergency, on behalf of #INSPAD (Institute of Peace and Development in Islamabad, Pakistan), I would like to point out that the Italian situation seems to be gradually improving.
Certainly it is a very slow improvement which, however, sees the number of deaths and cases of hospitalization decrease, while the healings seem to progress in the light of the daily medical bulletins that I constantly follow to keep myself updated.
All this, following my over five articles, written for the purpose of alleviating the suffering of many people facing an invisible enemy, a global pandemic that has found all of us unprepared.

The Italian PM Giuseppe Conte
The Italian PM Giuseppe Conte

In light of the GGA webina which took place yesterday 8 April, which involved most of the Global Goodwill Ambassadors (including me, since I am also GGA Country Director Italy), under the aegis of Richard DiPilla, the founder of the group (Virginia, USA) and the President of GGA, Lisa Jones (USA)̶I would like to focus on the following issues.

The experiences that emerged from many participants from Africa, Asia, Europe, America, etc., led me to write some reflections on the post-pandemic phase.

What will be the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic on the organization of international trade and global post-coronavirus production?

“Next steps in the measures implemented to combat the pandemic. Does everything return to normal? Although we questioned ourselves in order to determine whether, at this painful time for many, talking about the economy, finance and the stock market still made sense. All this seems quite secondary, it is true, in the face of the emergency.
However, the Covid-19, while it is first and foremost a major health danger and challenge, also strikes at the economic and financial heart of our world, revealing all its flaws, its limitations and, let us say it, its aberrations too. In this, it affects us doubly, and questions our lifestyles, our organizations, and even our values.”

In what way? To what extent? At what cost, what social breakdown? To go towards what?
Why in Italy was the situation was bad?

Coronavirus covid-19

Because instead to do like in Wuhan closing all north infected areas (in the beginning they underestimated like Boris Johnson and Trump this virus) mass media wrote that the Government was closing in a lockdown all the infected “red” areas of north, so many people escaped by train, airplanes and cars to their families of south.
The pandemic increased so much that also in Marche region (central Italy) and Puglia (South Italy) the case of infected people had a spike in infection. So, after this people’s behavior, Italian Government since March 9th closed all Italy from a month, in a very strict lockdown with all people, including students, children, elderly, adults, at home.
Factories all closed and people without working. Italian Government is paying now more than 20 millions of people without income (artisans, shopkeepers except for supermarkets and pharmacies), the others have a public income or are retired.
This, if Europe doesn’t help us and Spain, (Holland and North Europe regions don’t find an agreement with Italian PM Conte), this will be the end of our country. Plus in the Lombardy region where are Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, etc., the more infected areas, died a lot of old people thanks to their concentration in homes for elderly without all right measure for doctors, nurses (masks, gloves, etc.). North region Lombardy now has been accused by people whose relatives died (almost of them old ones), plus by Government.
I think the true virtuous is China and not Italy. China didn’t close all country but only Wuhan. But the Italians talk a lot (media, politicians, etc.) and let escaped people before the lockdown in the north. That’s happened in synthesis, but also young people die now, not only the elderly.
My advice is: to close before all the infected area; second make tests on all population, because a lot of them are asymptomatic; then let’s open slowly as in China. But China’s virtues, in addition to information, are always covered by a sort of state secret.I am aware of the governmental effort and of all the Italian people, who have received commendations from many countries around the world.

Sleeping Beauty in the Woods
Sleeping Beauty in the Woods

The real danger (apart from the virus whose appearance and spread is still shrouded in mystery) remains the occult powers and international finance. Putting billions of people to sleep in a lockdown is like the dream of “Sleeping Beauty in the Woods”. Unfortunately, it will not be the handsome Prince Charming who will awaken the world but the nightmare of an unprecedented economic crisis. Who is pulling the strings, who is the great puppeteer and what is the purpose of all this? To subvert existent powers?
Let’s just hope that Europe wakes up from its sleep and is in solidarity with countries like Italy, France and Spain, etc. which are going through a very difficult time because of the Coronavirus.
The very concept of Europe is based on the principle of fundamental freedoms, mutual cooperation and human rights. As it was for Germany destroyed by the Second World War.
Should it fail in its ethical and humanitarian commitment, the very concept of Europe will end up in the rubble of history.
I hope that this will not happen and that the pro-European base will continue to grow stronger with the introduction of other countries now outside the Union.
Only if united will this battle be won will there be no other way forward. Unity is strength, and we should pray that this will happen for the sake of the workers of Europe and the whole world who look to Europe as a possible alternative to the difficult conditions at home (refugees and migrants).
Peace is not an acquired fact, but a construction that must be kept up day after day, a creature that must be cared for and raised in the same way as a baby that needs every care and love.
Scientists say we should live with this virus in the near future and vaccinate ourselves through the impact with it. Not everyone’s immune system and health conditions have withstood the impact of this pandemic, perhaps caused by climate change and intensive deforestation (imagine the scenario after the melting of the glaciers with the release of hibernating viruses!). Surely strengthening the immune system will be necessary if we want to survive the new viruses that will be freed from deforestation and the next melting of the glaciers! Climate change more than lethal bacteriological weapons laboratories is at the root of current and future problems.Ireport only verified scientific data, condemning the fake news that are circulating around, misleading and depressing people.
To get back to the basics, take care of yourself and, above all, protect yourself by following the safety instructions, thus protecting your loved ones. If we all do this, we will protect each other and indirectly alleviate some of the terrible burden on health care workers and all those who fight this scourge for us. It is not a small thing!

I try to do my best especially to not demoralize myself and others in difficult times like these. The true qualities of a human being are manifested when one is in danger and not when everything is going well, regardless of being a man or woman. All that matters is courage, will, determination, strength of mind.
The good helmsman can only be seen when the sea is stormy and not when it is calm.
I hope that my contribution of peace and love will open a window of hope and renewed joy in the world, I greet you with my poem on my personal page:

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Dr. Arch. FRANCA COLOZZO ̶ an Italian architect, writer, novelist, artist, poet, researcher, educationist, freelance journalist and Peace & Harmony activist ̶ isChief Executive Officer (CEO) of International Harmony Council~ IHC, Sister Organization of INSPAD ~ Institute of Peace and Development, in Islamabad (PAKISTAN), thanks to its President & CEO, Dr. Muhammad Tahir Tabassum. During the seven years spentin Istanbul on behalf of the Italian Foreign Ministry, thanks to her multi-ethnic and multi-cultural experience, she published catalogues and organized exhibitions of Art at the Italian High School I.M.I., the Italian Institute of Culture and the most prestigious universities in Istanbul (Turkey). Coming back to Italy in 2002, she conveyed her knowledge into the Italian teaching system through Art exhibitions about the artistic didactic path of her Italian High School students. She was selected, in 2005, as E.N.D. OIB1 expert, Building Policy - GUIM 06/51, at the European Community of Buxelles (BELGIUM). Retired from teaching, she continues to practice as apart-timearchitect, painter and writer of poems, essays and novels, a freelance journalist. She obtained a lot of professional and academic awards from recognized international organizations. Recently, her current focus is on writing articles, aphorisms, thoughts, essays, poems, etc., on Human Rights, Peace, environmental problems, refugees, women’s empowerment, education and health related programs, etc. Nominated two years ago Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA Director~ITALY) on behalf of the influencer Richard DiPilla (Virginia – USA), she is interested in humanitarian and pacifist issues.