Ramadan and Corona Virus

ramadan mubarrak among corona epidemci

After all this waiting time, the month of grace, bliss, bounties, and fasts, the month of Ramadan has arrived with all its charms like every time before. Muslims all around the world wait anxiously for this month to come and give them inner peace and happiness. They make special feasts for Iftar and enjoy sharing it with others. The hunger and thirst that they feel the whole day after fasting develops a sense of kindness and love for the people who lives a poor life. By this sense arising in them, they help the poor and get pleasure from the thought of enjoying bounties in the afterlife as the people who help others earn a great place before Allah.

The religious spirit and the wisdom of getting rewards from Allah are spread all around the society and people live in inner peace. The Muslims forget their tiny conflicts and try to help others with all they have got. So, in the month of Ramadan, there is another facet of society in front of our eyes. And the scene is, people living happily, not even a small fight, forgiveness, love, brotherhood, and generosity. All this adds to the happiness of people and the welcome Ramadan with huge pleasure.

Ramadan and corona

Every year, Muslims enjoy going to great gatherings and also the gatherings that they arranged for others. The women in Pakistan go out to buy necessary things important for the month of Ramadan and also for the Eid, Eid-ul-Fitr. They buy groceries, drinks, fruits, vegetables to cook delicious food for their families, as the whole family has been hungry and thirsty throughout the day. Although they also buy clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other dressing items, it is important to note that all these things are for Eid-ul-Fitr which is bound to come after the hardworking time of Ramadan as a gift for their fasts.

So, in simple words, we can say that Muslims love Ramadan not only because it is a month of fasts but also that it is a month in which the Holy Book of Quran was revealed upon the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The devil and all its bad deeds are closed in this Holy Month and Satan is imprisoned. Any person who does good deeds in this month enjoys more rewards than any other month from the Gracious Allah. The doors of Hell are closed and the doors of Heaven are opened.

Thus, Ramadan is special for Muslims all around the world and they celebrate it with huge pleasure.

But, Ramadan this year, 2020 is going to be different due to Corona Virus. As we all know that the shops are closed because of COVID-19, people can’t go out to buy their necessary things. On top of that, people cant go to Masjids for their religious worships. People cant invite their family members to their homes for Iftar. The most important thing is that people cant enjoy the pleasure of helping the poor. They are locked in their houses and they are going to live their life in the same accordance as they have been living for the last 2 months. When people cant buys their things for Eid, it is for sure that they cant get the pleasures by not being able to enjoy it as they always have been. The children and the teenagers are particularly disappointed as Ramadan had always been bringing joy for them.

These are the things and chores of Muslims affected by COVID-19.

Right this time, it is more important to develop some strategies for Ramadan as there is a whole month for us and we can surely enjoy Eid by the Grace of Allah.

At the very first, we have to stay at home and when the shops are open to buying eatable things, we can go out and buy everything that is needed for Ramadan in one round. We can give the money to charity homes in our country by online ways and they can easily give it to the poor. It is not very much important to wear new clothes for Eid. We can spend this Eid by wearing old clothes that we have. By staying at home, it will be much possible for us to perform worship as there is no need to go out. We can make Iftar simple and eat it by our selves as this month doesn’t require every festive way as we do. The people who own a laptop, computer, mobiles, tabloids, PCs can work from home and also earn much more than they get from their jobs. Google is serving many jobs to do due to Corona Virus. We can enjoy this period of lock-down by staying every time with our family, learning new words, playing with siblings (and also fighting), watching TV and we can also learn about new things from the Internet about countries, regions, languages, and cultures that are found all around the globe.

If we work on precautions, it is more beneficial in a way that we will be able to enjoy our Eid and the most precious time of our whole year soundly. It is just a way to learn new things. I hope we get safety from Corona Virus and the bounties of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful.

It is simply up to you to enjoy lock-down, too, enjoying the Eid which always brings happiness for us.


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