Condition of Humans all around the world due to COVID-19

Coronavirus covid-19

“In around 2020, a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments.” (Sylvia Browne’s Bogus Coronavirus Prophecies)

This statement went viral all around the world after the first attack of Corona Virus. It was written by Sylvia Browne in September 2008. She also claimed that she is a super natural being with psychic abilities to predict about future.

The disease which she mentioned in her book, End of the Days, is now given the name of COVID-19, Corona Virus Disease. In the beginning of spread of this disease, the whole chatted about predictions made by different fortune-tellers.

stay home stay safe in Pakistan

The disease first attacked Wuhan, a province in Mainland of China causing numerous deaths. The medical scientists, researchers and doctors tried to find the cure of this deadly disease. But, they neither found the medicine nor the cause of this disease. They tried and tried and after all their hard-work, they gained success to isolate all the people from their daily-life chores. The people were asked to stay at home and don’t go out unnecessarily. The next preys of this deadly virus were Italy, Iran, Pakistan, India, USA, Canada, and Russia and in a short time, it crossed rivers, mountains, oceans and spread all around the globe.

The whole world tried to somehow, stay safe from this virus. So, the whole world was kept in Lock-down. Until now, more than 69,522 deaths have been caused by a tiny virus. The death rate is considered to increase more. The only way to stay safe is to stay at home. No medicine, no cure has proved beneficial to treat this disease. Many efforts are being made to discover this virus’s antidotes.

No clue how much fruit these efforts will bore. The first and only way to keep ourselves safe is to stay at home, following all the directions of World Health Organization. The people are facing two conditions regarding Corona Virus.

First, people are happy to be isolated from all the tiresome activities of their routine life. These people seems to be liking plans to government to stay at home, enjoying different movies, dramas, songs, films and comedies. The majority of people who don’t have any kind of worry about food, money and basic necessities are included in this category. Moreover, about the government’s plans to divide each tax, gas bill, electricity bill and others in different payable times seems to be quite refreshing and burden removing.

The only thing these people have to do is to wake up, do their daily chores, watch some movies, and eat food and go to sleep. Furthermore, Google nowadays, is serving so many opportunities to do online jobs and earn money. This can prove beneficial for them as they didn’t have much time to do these jobs. They also have much ways to earn money like by opening a YouTube channel, starting a website to share opinions and informational pictures.

The ratio of earning money from online tasks is higher than by earning money from offline jobs in the 21st century, the century of telecommunication. By living in home, we can also be able to do some creative work like painting, art, craft, DIY, etc. We can design our home from the things we have and of no use. Sitting together has always been difficult for families because every family was busy doing their jobs. From this lock-down, each family enjoy sitting, eating, laughing, playing and watching TV together, which is a great blessing. The people can also save money by not wasting it in unnecessary chores.

These all are the benefits of lock-down which we can enjoy only at this time and not another.

There is two sides of Corona Virus or COVID-19

Some people really are not enjoying this family together time. First cause, some were away from their homes and now even can’t return to their homes. Second cause, they were earning daily-based payments and now because they can’t go to their work, they are not getting rid from the tension of earning money and live a blissful life. There are many causes but the main cause is that the people can’t go out to enjoy rides, long drives, going to parks, picnics and trips. Some are under the burden of earning money and some are worried about their studies. On the same hand, some are living alone and some want to go buy things but they can’t. The World Health Organization has called the governments of the whole world to keep the lock-down until 18 months. These 18 months are going to be a devastating time for these people. These people are not willing to stay at home. The life has become dull and boring for them. But, they have to understand the fact that they can only enjoy life and go out to trips by staying at home. Because, if one person can stay at home, he will be able to secure himself from Corona Virus. And, in the future, when the world will get rid of this disease, he can get all the opportunities to enjoy the life. On the other hand, if one person does not stay at home, he will be patient of Corona Virus. And, the whole world knows the death rate of Corona Virus. So, if you want to enjoy life, enjoy staying at home. In this way, he will be able to save yourself and the others who are near and dear to you.


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