Kashmir must be given Special Observer Status in United Nations

Dr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum

Islamabad, London 22, June 2020: World News TV UK organized an online Live transmission on the topic Kashmiri Leaders Held in Indian Prisons, but the world remains silent, hosted by SM Irfan Tahir, while Altaf Ahmed Bhat President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement, Sheikh Abdul Mateen Information Secretary APHC AJK Chapter, Ms Shaista Safi International Kashmir Lobby Group participated as guest speakers.

President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhat while addressing an online live transmission by World News TV UK has said that Indian Regime has tried to crush the freedom movement by arresting the Kashmir Hurriyat Leaders, and Youth who are torch bearers of the Kashmir Freedom Movement.

Bhat lamented that BJP led Modi regime has put thousands of youth into prisons, while the world has released majority of the prisoner due to the COVID-19 outbreak but Indian government has put Kashmiri leaders and others prisoners in worst prisons of India, where health and hygiene facilities are not available.

“After a year I have talked to my elder brother Hurriyat leader Zafar Akber Bhat who was under detention and transferred to House Arrest after his health condition was deteriorating.
But, Yasin Malik, Shabbir Ahmed Shah, Asiya Andrabi, Qasim, Fehmida Sufi, Naeem Ahmed Khan, Massarat Alam Butt are under harshest conditions, without health facilities and under the fear of COVID-19.

“We cannot trust India that it can ever treat Kashmiri leaders as per WHO recommendations, Kashmiri leaders under Indian detention are at risk of catching COVID-19, and despite international and local media reports that Indian jails are overcrowded India is not releasing Kashmiri leaders and other Kashmiri prisoners from jails.” Bhat added

President JKSM Bhat asserted that, it is high time the focus is turned towards practical steps rather than just Statements, and I appeal Govt of Pakistan to help Kashmiris Practically.
Bhat urged Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan to announce and offer a handsome package to United Nations for the besieged people of IOJ&K, and the UN should ask India to allow International health and social organizations for carrying out relief activities in IOJ&K.
Bhat said that International Humanitarian organizations get access to conflict zones all over the world, and so they can reach IOJ&K once PM Khan announces and offers UN a handsome relief package for the people of IOJ&K.

“Plebiscite is clear, its manifestation is burial of Kashmiri martyrs in Pakistani Flag, the world has seen it a thousand times. And this is the sole reason Indian Brutal Forces are killing Kashmiri youth, arresting Kashmiri leaders, and demolishing their homes.” Bhat added.

President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhat reiterated that Kashmir must be given Special Observer Status in United Nations so that Kashmiri Delegates could represent their case themselves in UN.

“Clouds are War are over South Asia due to Modi’s Warmongering and expansionists agenda, P5, UNSC, and other civilized Nations must stop Modi before the dark clouds of war Turn into a Nuclear Winter.

Information Secretary of APHC AJK Sheikh Abdul Mateen said that since 5th August 2019 there is a scarcity of life-saving drugs, Food, basic necessities of life. India locked heaven on earth and used punitive measures to curb the voice of freedom, in which it failed miserably.
The people of Kashmir are brave, and their commitment for freedom struggle continues, the lives lost since 1989, the women raped, the houses demolished by the brutal Indian forces are all the sacrifices for the Freedom of Kashmir from India.

Sheikh Mateen also said that the so-called democracy on earth is curbing the voice of Journalists by booking them under lawless Laws such as UAPA, FIR’s are filed against them, and are called to police stations to question them for their reporting.

MS Shaista Safi, International Kashmir Lobby Group, while addressing said that, India is busy using every possible tactic to curb the voice of Kashmiri youth and Kashmiri Leaders. Even Juveniles are put in the worst jails of the country. While International Law suggests certain standards and necessities for Juveniles in Jails, Indian Govt has kept Kashmiri Juveniles with criminals.
She added that, Kashmiri Students in Kashmiri are tortured, their future is snatched by closing down educational institutes, on the other hand, Kashmiri students face Racism in different universities of India.
MS Shaista asserted that the role of Kashmiri diaspora around the world is vital for raising the atrocities, denial of basic human rights, and the Right to self-determination of Kashmiris throughout the world. It is high time Kashmiri diaspora around the globe is mobilized in such a direction to give strong momentum to Kashmir freedom Movement.

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Dr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum is the Founder / President of Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) (Think tank), Ambassador UNIHW, Journalist Peace, Harmony Activist, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Human rights Defender, Media Consultant, Columnist, Author, Public Figure, and Motivational Speaker. The author may be contacted at [email protected]