Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali, a prominent religious scholar and spiritual figure as well as Chairman of the MUSLIM Institute, has said that unity, religious coexistence and dialogue are needed in the present age. Tendencies to religious hatred must be overcome by promoting mutual respect, tolerance and kindness.
He was talking to Dr Sardar Muhammad Tahir Tabassum, Founder President and Ambassador of Peace Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD, Former Advisor Human Rights Azad Kashmir, at the MUSLIM Institute here at Islamabad. Sultan Ahmed Ali said that a culture of peace and research is needed to solve the long-standing problems of the Muslim Ummah and especially Kashmir.

sardar tahir tabassam talking with sahibzada ahmed sultan ali about religious dialogue
Rising tensions with the West require reasoning based on knowledge and research. Everywhere, instead of using force, it should be customary to resolve issues through dialogue. “All conflicts can be overcome by promoting religious coexistence and harmony,” he said.

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The MUSLIM Institute continues its mission with an effective strategy to achieve these goals and is moving forward with significant progress in the short span of time. Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali appreciated the performance of INSPAD and assured research and academic cooperation to achieve common goals.
Dr. Tahir Tabassum while praising the exemplary efforts of the MUSLIM Institute, praised the hard work and earnest struggle of Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali, and expressed the hope that this institution would be an important milestone in promoting peace, harmony and religious coexistence in the world. May it continue to play a vital role for the Unity Stability and Leadership in the Muslims and peace in the World.