Dr. Sardar Muhammad Tahir Tabassum, Ambassador of Peace, and President Think Tank Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD said that Only by educating the new generation can we secure the future. There is an urgent need to create high thinking among students regarding Islam and Pakistan. Only trained teachers can give the best education to new generation.

sardar tahir tabassum at quetta

He was addressing a teacher training seminar organized by Patriotic Association of Private Schools (PAPS) Balochistan here which was organized by Mr. Jameel Ahmed Mashwani, Provincial Coordinator. More than 200 teachers and principals participated in the training program. Certificates were also distributed among the participants. Dr. Tahir Tabassum said that our education system is awarding degrees but there is a lack of knowledge, science, culture and arts. Education is a prophetic attribute and worship. It is the responsibility of teachers to learn modern technology and to inculcate it in the new generation and to acquaint the students with their love for their religion, country and national identity, norms and values.

inspad president at quetta

Speaking on the occasion, Syed Arif Hussain, Founder Chairman PAPS, said that we cannot achieve the educational goals without understanding the trends of teachers and students. And we will do it in all the provinces with a plan. Balochistan is a backward province in this regard. Co-Founders Ms. Asia Hassan and Ms. Kishwar Aqeel also elaborated in the light of their experiences and observations from the training session. The host of the event, Jamil Ahmed Mashwani, thanked the participants. The training session was well attended by teachers and principals from across the province.