Muslims must unite against the Islamophobia – Sardar Tahir Tabassum

islamophobia in france 2020

Against Islamophobia, the entire Muslim Ummah must unite and prove that not a single word can be accepted against the holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) even if our lives are lost. Muslim kings should also show respect and prostration to Jews and Hindus. Saudi Arabia must openly oppose actions against Islam.
The United Nations, EU, OIC and other international bodies should enact such a law so that no voice can be raised against the clergy of any religion. That the true religion of the Muslims and the campaign against the holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) must be united and that the West must know that we have not heard a single word against our great leader. policy of imposing every blame on Muslims can no longer work. He says government patronage in France and crackdowns on mosques and Muslims across Europe are reprehensible. If Muslims do not speak against any religion then why the language is being spoken against the religion of Muslims and the great holy Prophet. If the OIC does not play a bold role, Muslim states need to create their own new organization that transcends Saudi influence. Who is interpreting for Jews and Hindus. He added that Islam teaches peace, security, tolerance and brotherhood and is committed to religious coexistence and harmony, but some monarchs have joined forces with anti-Islamic forces to discredit any proud Muslim, Will not acceptable.

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Dr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum is the Founder / President of Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) (Think tank), Ambassador UNIHW, Journalist Peace, Harmony Activist, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Human rights Defender, Media Consultant, Columnist, Author, Public Figure, and Motivational Speaker. The author may be contacted at [email protected]