Islamabad, January 5

On the occasion of Kashmiri People’s Self-Determination Day, Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Minister Khalid Khurshid Khan Special Message!

‘Kashmiri people all over the world are celebrating Right to Self-Determination Day today. The purpose of celebrating this day is to reaffirm that the Kashmiri people will continue their struggle till complete independence from the illegal domination of India.

January 5 Kashmiri people all over the world are celebrating the Day of Right to Self-Determination, which is aimed at shaking the international conscience to warn the United Nations against Indian illegal occupation.

The Security Council passed a resolution on Kashmir on this day in 1949, but unfortunately to this day the United Nations has failed to implement its own resolution. The world powers and the United Nations oppress the oppressed Kashmiri people. Take steps to implement its resolutions for independence from

The people of Pakistan stand with their oppressed Kashmiri brothers, and will continue to support their Kashmiri people until the end of Indian illegal occupation of Kashmir.’