Major factor of increasing khula and divorce cases in Pakistan

khula cases in Pakistan

At present time, in Pakistan the ratio of khula cases is increasing than divorce cases. Today the current report will discuss the main reason behind the increment of these circumstances. As per Islamic law and according to law of Pakistan a woman can file khula case against her husband but she have to prove the reasons behind taking this action. But now these cases are growing in the current era because of some motives and the main reason behind this is the lack of compromising and understanding.

The woman of this period is starting comparing herself with the woman of different cultures and countries. In Pakistan woman has started higher education and after that they want to grow up their careers as a competitive and confident individual, they really feel that this is the modernity and as we compare the past studies it is very necessary to educate woman for the growth of a powerful and confident youth as a nation but by following this they neglect the teachings of Islam and this is the major cause of khula in Pakistan.

increasing khula cases in pakistan

As we recognize that lacking of compromising, deficiency of understanding and neglecting of Islamic teachings is the basic issue for this cause. In this explosion, I discussing these points and its effects on the child because divorce and khula is the matter of parents and it’s not related to their children. A woman now a days thinks that she is not dependent on the person whom she got married, she can feed her child and give him a better life, this perception is the most important factor of increasing khula cases in the country.

After that I found that lack of understanding each other is also an important and neglected aspect of this case. A husband and wife should understand the feelings and emotions of each other. When the first person got annoyed the other persona must try to understand the situation and handle that calmly. In a relationship it’s very necessary to handle every circumstances peacefully. They have try to keep and maintain peace in their lives. It takes time but a couple should understand either it’s a love marriage or it’s an arrange marriage when u get married please think about the future life that in Islam, khula or talaq without any specific reason and just because of misunderstandings and minor adjustments are the reasons behind all this. Please try to adjust in your married life, don’t think about the past just focus on the imminent.

Another important issue of this growth is neglecting of Islamic teachings. Islam created man as a guardian who protects woman. A woman should understand that she cannot compare herself with a man. Its true that man and woman are standing in same categories in eyes of Allah but he has created some boundaries for woman and woman must try to realize the practical and realistic values of Islamic knowledge. Allah has generated some precautions for the woman that’s why he applied some restrictions on woman such as she can pray with men except Makah, she cannot perform hajj without seal (mehrum). In this case Allah clearly declare that as regarding Islamic teachings he advised woman to respect the men. I m not saying that it means a woman have to lose her self-respect but at least she can stab to do this.
The major effect of these cases is the effect on child’s psychological health and physical health. A khula or divorce directly or indirectly influence the health of their children. Parent’s separation is the hardest part of child’s life. These kids always feel unsafe, insecure and lower because of their psychological problems. Many uncertain psychological problems occurred by the parting of parents.

In my opinion, while taking a decision of separating they must took care of the emotions of their children. They must think like a parents and try to give another chance to each other. Life is the name of compromise, nobody is perfect, nor is any relationship perfect but by hard work, loyalty and generosity they can make any bond as a perfect relationship. A little adjustment can make a perfect life because everything needs adjustments and compromises and it’s just need a little patience.

In the past era , woman of that time , was not highly educated from the famous universities, they were not having any degrees, the ratio of degree holder woman was very low but they knew how to maintain the bond of family and what environment should keep to maintain the relationships. I am not against of woman empowerment. The series of woman empowerment was continuing from the time of Prophet (Peace be upon Him) as his first wife bibi Khadija (RTA) was running her own business at the time of her marriage. Islam clearly teaches us about the freedom of a woman in a positive way.

In this regard, in last I just wanted to say that think twice or thrice before taking these steps because Allah unlike the words of talaq and khula without unbearable reasons. Separation can kill the happy part of child’s life and it can push your child in a darken nights of thoughts which can affect their career growth, physical growth and psychological growth.

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Qurat ul Ain Mansoor is a freelance writer. She has experience of internship in HR department of Afroze Textile Industries (Pvt) Limited (Worked as a part of the HR team in the area of recruitment, personal file management, compensation & benefits, payroll management, labor/staff dealing and grievance handling.)