Russia and Ukraine war escalating World War III

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Officials and analysts warn that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine could easily escalate into a direct confrontation between Russia and the West, and could quickly drift into a third world war. For now, the war remains between Russia and Ukraine. But World War III has never been closer to us than it is now, it is about to break out.
At a time when Russian forces bomb Kyiv and other cities, Europe and America maneuver with great caution as if they were circus players walking on a rope to avoid direct conflict with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and why not, he is the man who controls the largest nuclear arsenal in the world and boasts of owning it.
The Western allies provide Ukraine with weapons and other materials, but have ruled out the idea of a no-fly zone. European Union countries provide air defense systems, but have rejected Ukraine’s request for combat aircraft. Nor has any country offered to send troops.
Everyone is playing with fire, threatening the world order inside Ukrainian territory. For example, French President Emmanuel Macron responded to a question about the possibility of taking measures against Moscow in the event of an invasion of Ukraine, saying: “I think it is unacceptable behavior, and I think we must set clear red lines with Russia.” Macron expressed his country’s readiness to impose sanctions if Russia showed “unacceptable behaviour”.
On the other hand, Macron stressed that sanctions alone are “not enough” and that it is better to establish a constructive dialogue, considering that sanctions are “the only way to be credible,” Macron said in an interview with the American CBS network, which aired excerpts from Saturday.
Despite the seriousness of Putin’s statements, some considered them a kind of electoral propaganda, but Putin did not delay in responding, sending a signal to the West, in response to President Macron’s proposal to establish red lines for Moscow. Putin said that if the West or some individual countries decide to build bridges in their relations with Russia, Russia will be able to respond quickly and harshly. Russia, according to Putin, is ready to take all the necessary decisions and measures, and in the same way that Macron followed, Putin said: But at the same time we hope that the West will still have enough rationality so as not to cross the red lines where Russia sees fit.
It is the third world war that was telegraphed during the Iranian-American crisis, and the dangers of its outbreak increased during the Ukrainian-Russian war, and this is what everyone admits, and at the same time everyone is trying to avoid its occurrence due to its devastating effects.
However, senior Western government officials, diplomats, and military analysts acknowledge that there is now a serious risk that the United States and other NATO allies could be drawn into war — at almost any moment, as a result of a number of scenarios.
“One is wrong,” said a Washington-based political analyst. They fired a missile at Poland. This is not impossible and then it escalates very quickly. But we have to respond. We cannot respond.”
The analyst asked not to be named due to the sensitivity of the situation, “Our protest against crimes against humanity is so strong that it made us feel the importance of taking what we believe is a limited and wise measure.”
The analyst went on with a dangerous sentence: “Imposing a no-fly zone means killing the Russians.” “Anything we do that results in the killing of the Russians will put us at the center of World War III,” the analyst asserted.
The bombing and fires near the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in the early hours of Friday morning are just another frightening example of a potential emergency scenario that could plunge a broad international alliance into war with Putin: action must be taken to prevent a global catastrophe urgently.
But there are other, more mundane scenarios. On Wednesday, Russian planes had already violated Swedish airspace several times. An Estonian cargo ship sank off the coast of the Odessa region, the sinking being attributed to a collision with a sea mine. Any such incident can easily escalate.
US President Joe Biden has announced his insistence on keeping US forces away from participating in the fighting. In his last State of the Union address, Joe Biden described the Russian-Ukrainian war as the fight against Ukraine, and stressed that Washington would do everything in its power to help, without specifying who would help which country.

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“We will always continue to help the Ukrainian people defend their homeland, and we will work to help alleviate their suffering,” Biden said. And before Biden continued, he said, “Let me be clear and continue by saying: Our forces are not involved and will not participate in the conflict with Russian forces in Ukraine.” Our forces will not go to Europe to fight [in] Ukraine but to defend our NATO allies if Putin decides to continue moving west.”
Perhaps the most important thing about the possibility of war is what a European official familiar with intelligence reports submitted to US allies said, and who confirmed that analysts in Washington have reached a terrifying conclusion: “Russia is ready to use a thermonuclear bomb in Ukraine,” the official said.
Regarding the seriousness of the Ukrainian war, the official stressed that the war in Ukraine was much more dangerous than anything that Europe has experienced or witnessed since the end of World War II, including the Balkan wars that broke out in the nineties.
“As horrible as that was, this would be worse, and I see the possibility of a real European war, or a world war breaking out very quickly,” the official said. “This is getting deeper every day and getting deeper with time.”
On Friday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reiterated NATO’s desire to avoid conflict and no desire to enforce a no-fly zone. After a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels, Stoltenberg said: “The only way to implement a no-fly zone is to send NATO planes – meaning combat planes – into Ukrainian airspace, and then impose this no-fly zone by shooting down Russian planes.” . “If we do that, the consequences will be something that could end in all-out war in Europe and involve more countries, and of course it will cause more human suffering.” Of course, without mentioning the third world war.

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On his visit to Chisinau, the Moldovan capital overrun by Ukrainians, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said: “He is aware that the whole world has interests in what is happening in Ukraine. Borrell continued: “The problem today is not only in Donbass, and the problem is not only Ukraine – The stability of Europe and the international system as a whole is at stake.

Asked about his support for the establishment of a no-fly zone imposed by NATO members and about 21 members of the European Union, Borrell said: This is not a decision that I or the European Union would make.

After writing these lines, which I aspired to write about a year ago, they were finally released by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov threatening a third world war, which we are about to approach, so that the world will be divided into two warring parts, as is the habit of man always destroying his abilities and his life under many names.

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