Some Important Academic Words and Phrases to Use in Academic Papers

Some Important Academic Words and Phrases to Use in Academic Papers

Importance of academic words in the academic papers

It is important for all the students to learn how to write a dissertation, essay or any other academic papers during their academic period. Usually, the writing of essays starts in middle school while dissertation writing process starts at the undergraduate level. Although, there are many dissertation writing services now a day in the online market that help students write their dissertations, students still needs to learn the basic writing skills so they may justify their degrees when they enter into the practical life. The purpose of this article is to offer some guidance and tips for students to use important academic words in their academic papers that will enhance their grades assessment of their learning skills.

It is important to note that writing academic papers can be difficult and it can be easy at the same time. It just requires your time, creativity, information and balancing power. In this world, there are many students who are either in their primary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities. You have to know that writing an essay is something that always requires your time. I have found some pretty reliable and top dissertation writing services near Manchester that have hired the writers to do these kind of academic papers for students for some money. However, students must be aware that there are many essay mills websites making millions just by scamming students with false claims.

It is a common fact for a large population of the students that writing academic papers is not always considered easy because of its complexity. It is absolutely correct for the majority of students that writing an academic level essay is a skill acquired through practice that needs a lot of time to master it.

So, we can say that writing an essay is a talent that comes to a few people who endeavor for its perfection. In fact, many students come across to know that they can feel confident to write an academic essay only when their undergraduate course comes to end.

What is the purpose of this talent and confidence when the course of writing academic papers ends in the limit of time? Indeed, it is a fact that we can know, gain and come across certain things when we don’t know it. If you are also in this dilemma and you are in a confusion of choosing the world’s first class words and phrases in your essay, you have come to a right place at the right time in the right conditions.

Here, we have arranged together a list of important and necessary academic words and phrases which can be used in the introduction, body and conclusion of your best academic essays.

How to use the academic words in academic papers

It is common for all the students to think that the ideas and arguments used in the master dissertation writing services must be their own. It is a way to prove to your professors and readers that you have creativity and knowledge about the subject very well.

But, it cannot always be appropriate and right to use your own things. You can make some mistakes and your academic papers can be a failure instead of being a creative and good one. So, it is recommended to use some specific words and phrases.

Making use of the specific words and phrases which are going to be presented to you is the best method to make your ideas commutative more effectively than before. It can also give the warranty to keep the concentration of the reader from the start to finish.

Of course, when you use some borrowed words and phrases in your academic essay, your reader will be curious to come about the reason of the use of some words and phrases in the essay as it is an academic one that requires creativity more than anything else.

Even though many students know it very well than anyone else, let us say that writing an academic essay requires a bit of formality and while writing an academic essay, you have to follow some rules as well. If you are adding some informal, relaxed and everyday based phrases, you have to know that these things have no place in the academic essays. You cannot use them as a so-called thing, creativity here.

It is not to the point that you use some of daily base spoken words like we use in the discussions and talks with our relatives and friends. It is an obvious fact that there will be no LOL, LMFAO and OMG. You can be pretty sure to know about its “no use” in the academic essays. So, you can’t add some informal speeches in your academic essays.

You have to make your essay a formal one which can be much more delicate and understated than an informal one. And, as we already told you that writing a good academic essay requires a high amount of talent and skills.

You can use some of these words and phrases in your academic essays as they will help to bring you straight to the point and grab the attention of your readers completely to your words and phrases.

Some words to use in the introduction of the essay:

An introduction of the academic essay is the trickiest part of the essay. It is the part which grabs the attention of your readers at the very first. If you are unable to write the introduction of your essay in a good way, it is obvious that your academic essay will be a failure and the readers will not bother to read the body and conclusion of the rest of the academic essay no matter how much good and best written those parts are in the essay.

An introduction is the first part and then, comes the other parts which are body and conclusion. So, in order to have the attention of the readers from the very start, you have to add something in your introduction that is capable enough to make sure that your readers are curious to read the rest of the essay.

If you are ready to write a good introduction, then let’s begin.

Of course, the moment you have done all your plans and preparation of the essay and have your arguments and facts ready to be written in your introduction, all you have to do is to put pen to the paper (or fingers to the keyboard) and start writing your essay at once.

First of all, make sure that your first sentences of the introduction must

Summarize the topic and arguments.

topic and arguments in academic papers

It is an obvious fact that your readers have no clue and idea about your topic of the essay. You can highlight the topic of the essay. But, you must give explanation to the topic so that your readers become aware of the topic on which the essay has been written as an academic one.

Make sure to give an explanation on what your essay is going to present to them. You can think your readers as a five year old child who has no idea about your essay. In this process, some students make a mistake. When they try to give the explanation, they become informal. This can lead to the readers to become exaggerated. Make sure not to lose the formality of your academic writing.

This can be a difficult procedure for you as whenever the humans try to explain their point, they become informal with the person. If you don’t want to be informal, you can have the use of the following words and phrases. We can give you the warranty that they will help you to stay on the track.

       Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly

A huge majority of the population of world (whether literate or illiterate) know about the fact that it is best to convey your ideas in an order. You cannot use some of the parts which have to be in the middle of the conversation at the very beginning of the discussion. Similarly, you cannot use the first sentence at the very last.

So, it is an obvious fact that you have to use all the sentences in the correct sequence and in order. In this way, your arguments and ideas will be delivered in a clearer way.

These words can help you to present simplicity, graph and clearness to the way you use to present your ideas to the audience which can be a five year old child, a middle school student, a teenager, a college student and ultimately, your professor.

This method is considered the most effective way to present the facts, ideas, arguments and essentials clearly.

You don’t have to be stiff and inflexible in writing the sentences in an order. In the same way, you don’t have to number each point. But, while using this system, you will feel that your arguments will not be clearer to your readers but also for you to read them. You can get to enjoy the flow of the sentences. You can also link arguments together in this system. After writing the sentences and arguments of the introduction of the academic essay, you can use some of your time to read the whole page. You can get to know about its effectiveness to make the essay read-able.

Example: The Impatient Silent Twitchers form an interesting group of line-standers because of their variety. The Wristwatch Checkers are the mildest sub-group of this larger group. Their bodies remain quiet except for the one arm where that powerful necessity, the wristwatch, sits. Maybe that the electric battery in the watch emits tiny electrical impulses to the nerves…whatever it is, something creates a knee-jerk reaction in the arm to make the Wristwatch Checker’s elbow defy gravity every minute and a half. Wristwatch Checkers are dangerous only in busy lines that wind back on them. As long as you’re far enough away from them, though, they can make good line companions on warm, windless days.

       In view of, in light of, Considering (Phrases)

These are some of the phrases which can help you to begin your essay successfully.  These phrases can ask you to pose your arguments in a way that is based on what other people and authors have said in their previous writings or a universal fact about your research. These phrases will be helpful when you want to present your ideas in a general way and on the basis of what others think about your chosen topic. These can also be used when you want to present a piece of evidence and universally considered fact. It will be helpful to shed some new light to your argument and on the second argument.

Example: In view of Socrates, “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”

You can consider this example as a model for these phrases:

       According to X, X stated that, Referring to the views of X

(X can be any person)

It is an obvious rule of all the academic essays that you have to use the views of a writer in your academic essay. It is important as it will have some light on the facts presented by the previous authors and increase the credibility of your essay.

Although it is a little bit difficult, but, it will allow your essay to be a great choice of the professors if you include a quotation and proverb that fits naturally into your written work. It will allow your professors to consider your work as a good one. It will be difficult at the beginning but if you try for sometimes, you will be able to construct a method of your own to add some proverbs, quotations and old sayings in your academic essays in a good way.

Although, we are here to recommend using some proverbs and quotations, you should avoid using these proverbs and quotations at the very start of the essay. You must avoid starting your essay with a direct quote. You must try your best to sum up the views and facts you are mentioning or going to mention to the readers in your essay.

You can use this example rather than your own words on this saying, proverb and quotation. You must have noticed the difference in both of these examples. It is all up to you to use either the first example or the second one.

While you are going to use quotes or you are going to paraphrase the words of some other person, be sure to reference these sayings in a correct way.


Until now, you have been made aware of using some words and phrases in a correct way in your essay. If you have any problem in using and want someone else to write your phrases and words, you can look for some cheap dissertation writing services in the UK that will offer help in writing your academic papers at the lowest cost.


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