Coronavirus update: How to stay safe from COVID-19

coronavirus update

The latest coronavirus update shows that the corona Virus, known as the COVID-19, has hit around 195 countries in the world, has affected more than 5100,000 and killed more than 8000 people worldwide. Coronavirus was first reported in last December in Wuhan, a trading city of China and spread to the other parts of the world very soon. It has affected over 400,000 people worldwide and more than 21,000 people have died due to coronavirus.

Since there is no vaccine available to kill this virus, the only prevention from being infected is the complete isolation. The lessons learnt from China and Italy are the clear example of it and now many countries have enforced lockdown of big cities to prevent further spread of this virus.

stay home stay safe coronavirus
stay home stay safe coronavirus

The citizens of Wuhan were forced to stay in their homes due to the emergency lock-down declaration of the China Government. They were provided all the facilities and the daily needs of life before the announcement of the lockdown. People stayed in their homes, protecting themselves and others and got rid of Corona Virus. But, due to its spread throughout the world, governments of different countries found themselves in a great problem. They wanted to protect their natives from the dangerous and even killing virus. They started different plans towards the protection of their nation. Italy, a very active country as the people here continue doing their works around the clock, was locked-down to protect its citizens. The citizens of Italy were advised to stay at home. However, the condition in Italy worsened when they didn’t take this precautionary step seriously to save themselves and their relatives. As a result, the government of Italy asked their Army to help them in fighting this killing virus. People were imprisoned in their own homes.

After Italy, Spain is the most affected country in the world with 3434 deaths so far. The coronavirus has also hit hard USA where 54453 confirmed cases of corona virus have been reported and the administration in many states has advised the people to stay home and refrain from travelling abroad.

Mask distribution at Gaziabad by Hassan Khalil Cheema President APMC
Mask distribution at Gaziabad by Hassan Khalil Cheema President APMC

The latest coronavirus news from Pakistan is also very alarming. In Pakistan the coronavirus is spreading at the speed of bullet train. By now, 1078 confirmed cases of corona infection have been reported with 8 deaths in the country. The government took fundamental and advantageous steps. The first patient was from neighboring country, Iran. People coming from Iran after pilgrimage were detained at Taftan, a bordering area with Iran and were found affected with corona virus. They were put in quarantine at Taftan, however the spread of the virus still could not be prevented and now more than 1000 people have been confirmed being affected with corona virus.

In Pakistan, people initially thought it to be fake news about coronavirus and went on to enjoy their daily plans. But when the local media cried of its increase, the government of Pakistan took basic steps and closed half of the organizations of the country. The schools were closed along with super stores, shopping malls and hotels except medical stores, hospitals and the food stores.

Now, the government has ordered not to go out of the houses except, when a very necessary need arises. The marriage halls are closed. The people can’t even attend the last rituals of their closed ones. As a result, people are under a great tension and they want to go on with their daily works but they are not allowed to do so.

It is true that isolation, whether self adopted or enforced, seems to be the only solution to combat coronavirus, it is also true that the lockdown worldwide is devastating the economy and the lives of people. It is feared that if this lockdown is prolonged, it will jeopardize the world economy and as a result of economic recession, people will revolt against their governments.

Now all the hopes rest with the scientists to discover the corona virus vaccine. Meanwhile, the people should be standing by the governments to control and prevent the virus spread. At present, learning lessons from the coronavirus update, people have realized that if they stay home they will be safe so many people are acting upon it. But the governments should assure complete security to assure the elimination of Corona Virus in the world.

Since online and print media is an effective tool to educate and guide people and gives the latest coronavirus update, we can spread this message to all and make them aware of the side-effects of ignoring the safety measures. In this way, it will be more likely that the people would stay at home and make them and their families secure.

We have to move on. Cause, we know it has been too long.

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